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Shred-X is a leader in the secure destruction industry. With a facility in Fyshwick, Canberra, we can easily service throughout Canberra city and the ACT. We’re committed to safeguarding Canberra business and government agencies against privacy breaches and identity theft, and we strive to provide the highest quality of document and data destruction available. So if you live or work in the ACT, you can rely on Shred-X to protect your privacy.

Our Services in the ACT

Shred-X’s ACT operations cater to clients of varying sizes. From businesses and government agencies to individuals, our team can meet diverse requirements.

Our industrial grade shredders are built to comply with all relevant legislative standards and have the highest federal government accreditations in place. Whether you require Shred-X’s services for privacy reasons or simply because you’re running out of storage room, we can render your materials beyond recognition.

In addition to our shredding and destruction services, Shred-X also eliminates the risks associated with recycling electronic devices. Our team can wipe the data from your computer and hard drives without causing any physical damage. This service is guaranteed to keep your confidential information safe.

Shred-X offers the following secure shredding and destruction services in the ACT:

All of these services are efficient and environmentally friendly. In order to eliminate any potential weak spots in security, we also offer a complete chain of custody. Shred-X uses locked, alarmed & GPS tracked vehicles to transport your materials and locked secure containers for storage. Regardless of what you need us to destroy, our team treats all materials with the utmost care.


Complying with the Privacy Act

Shred-X can help you comply with federally-mandated privacy laws. In all Australian states and territories, businesses are required to destroy anything that could put their client’s privacy at risk. To comply with these laws, you must be able to show that you have taken reasonable steps to destroy sensitive information.

Failing to meet these requirements can result in significant penalties. For peace of mind, we provide all of our clients with a Certificate of Destruction. The purpose of this document is to confirm that the shredding or destruction process has been successfully completed.

We have a wide variety of services to suit your unique requirements. To arrange a regular servicing schedule in the ACT, contact us today.

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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.