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Shred-X Mission Statement

To provide the most secure and environmentally responsible method of destroying proprietary and sensitive information at a fair and reasonable cost, whilst being respected as the industry’s quality assured leader.

Secure Destruction Company

For 20 years Shred-X Secure Destruction has been the number one choice for confidential secure destruction, document shredding, office paper recycling and destroying sensitive data. Shred-X has since expanded on available service offerings and now offers secure destruction, repurposing and recycling solutions for an array of products other than paper, including electronics (e-Waste), products, accessories, uniforms and textiles.

We understand that protecting the privacy of your organisation’s sensitive data and private information is paramount. As the leaders in the secure destruction industry, we implement a strict Quality Assurance program, ensuring that your sensitive data is in the best of hands.

Today, we are very proud to be the ONLY Australian secure destruction company with 9 NAID AAA certified sites and a company-owned secure destruction facility in each State and Territory of Australia. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and comply with (or exceed) all federally mandated guidelines for secure destruction and shredding.

We offer secure destruction solutions for private households through to large global corporations and the highest security government departments. We offer you tailored destruction services which ensure your business is compliant with Federal Privacy Laws and your clients are protected from identity thieves and fraudsters.

In addition to our permanent shredding solutions, we also offer temporary, once off services for destroying large amounts of information that may arise from archive storage cleanouts, office relocations or computer upgrades.

Shred-X Secure Destruction can offer you peace of mind that your organisation’s sensitive material will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality, allowing your organisation to focus on what you do best.


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