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our Company

For over 20 years, Shred-X has been the industry leader in secure and certified destruction of sensitive data. With 11 NAID AAA certified facilities and operations located in all States and Territories of Australia, we offer the most extensive direct service coverage in the market.

Beyond secure destruction, we’ve always been on a mission of sustainability. It’s where our roots were planted back in 1999 when we began as Australian Paper Recycling in South East Queensland, recycling all paper which we collected, just as it is today into new paper products.

Since 2001, Shred-X expanded its solutions by building a national logistics network, sustainable processing centres and attaining the highest industry certifications in information security, safety and quality – while maintaining a sharp focus on our responsibility to the environment. Our multi-benefit tailored solutions ensure your business is compliant with Privacy legislation, protect your proprietary assets and are designed to assist you in achieving your environmental sustainability targets. The combination of these qualities in our service has resulted in the brand many Australians have come to know and trust.

In 2007, our national expansion and ability to pioneer waste transformation initiatives advanced when Shred-X was acquired by Freightways Limited, a publicly listed New Zealand company with a strong commitment to carbon reduction. Backed by Freightways, Shred-X expanded to provide certified destruction, recycling and repurposing solutions for a myriad of materials other than paper, including IT and data assets, media, uniforms, dated or contraband products, used coffee cups and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) waste.

In 2021 Shred-X and partners established saveBOARD ANZ, a company that utilises a patented process to manufacture alternative building products using waste destined for landfill.

Today Shred-X also provides a range of innovative destruction and recycling solutions for textiles and clothing, ensuring ethical landfill diversion for materials which previously had no other disposal alternative. These landfill diversion solutions include waste-to-energy and recycling, with various new technologies currently being explored, which are at the heart of our sustainability mission and our vision at Shred-X. Preserving tomorrow, today for a sustainable future is why we do what we do.


In 2017, Freightways identified specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to form our key framework for making and tracking sustainable change in the world, and in 2021 the group committed to 50% emissions reductions by 2035. Shred-X is actively working towards these goals with a focus on SDG 9: building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation. Read more in the Freightways Sustainability Report.

our Vision

At Shred-X & Med-X, Sustainability is our mission.

Protecting our people, the community, our customers and the environment is what we value.

Preserving tomorrow, today for a sustainable future is our Vision and why we do what we do.


Our purpose

We work smart and safe together as a team to deliver service excellence by keeping our promises & providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.


Our values

There are four values that guide how our team operate.

SAFE: We deem safety as our top priority: protecting ourselves, one another, our customers and the community. Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe!

SMART: We are agile and entrepreneurial industry leaders, developing customised, innovative and efficient solutions for our customers.

SUSTAINABLE: With a foundation of sustainability, we are committed to protecting the future of our company, our customers and the environment.

SERVICE: We deliver on our promises as a united team providing service excellence and a company our customers can trust.