Onsite Product, Uniform and Textile Destruction

If it has your brand name or logo on it, it’s a representation of your business. From old uniforms to branded merchandise, any of these items can positively (or negatively) present your brand to the public or media.

To keep your business safe from false representation or defamation, book an onsite product and destruction service with Shred-X today.

What Products Can Be Destroyed Onsite?

Shred-X can destroy any product, textile or uniform that requires secure destruction. These include but are not limited to:

  • Faulty or counterfeit products
  • Other damaged goods
  • Ex-employee or redundant uniforms
  • Marketing materials
  • Apparel including textiles, shoes, jewellery

Our onsite destruction services are more than capable of shredding anything your business needs destroyed. Our fully-equipped vehicle will arrive at your site and handle all required destruction onsite. Upon completion, you’ll be issued with a certificate of destruction for your peace of mind.

Why Uniform Destruction Is Important

Anyone who holds a branded uniform or piece of apparel has the power to represent your brand in the public eye. Back in 2017, Toll lost a major client as a result of an ex-employee falsely representing the values of their brand in the media. This individual was recorded delivering racist statements at an ex-parliament member, while wearing his former employer’s uniform.

As significant as it was for Toll, the implications of not destroying unneeded uniforms can be far worse than losing a single client. A negative representation of your brand could cost your business a significant amount of revenue – enough to halt your business’s operations.

To ensure your business isn’t put at risk of being falsely represented, defamed, or otherwise tarnished in the public eye, it’s essential you destroy all uniforms and products no longer needed. And for the most secure destruction possible, book Shred-X for an onsite destruction service.

How To Arrange Onsite Product & Uniform Destruction

Don’t wait for your data to be exposed or put at risk. Book our onsite product and uniform destruction services online today, and have our certified team come to you.

Chat to us online, or at 1300 747 339.

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