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Data Destruction

secure Data Destruction

Securely destroying data stored on electronic items and IT assets at the end of their useful life is essential to ensure all information is completely unrecoverable and unable to be accessed for unauthorised purposes. Simply erasing data is not enough, and won’t guarantee that your data is irretrievable, nor that your business is compliant with Privacy Legislation.

data Destruction solutions

Shred-X provide a complete range of NAID AAA certified data destruction solutions to ensure you protect your sensitive information and maintain legislative compliance. Furthermore, through our e-Waste recycling and repurposing partnerships, we will assist your business to meet your environmental responsibilities and sustainability targets. Read more here:

Facility-based data destruction process

Federal Police-cleared Shred-X personnel collect your devices from your location.

Assets are transported by Shred-X personnel in a locked, alarmed and GPS tracked vehicle to the closest Shred-X facility.
Shred-X facilities are alarmed and monitored with 24hour HD CCTV and SCEC approved locking systems. Prior to physical destruction a serial number recording and verification process is completed.

Prior to destruction, assets are scanned, verified and its components separated to meet destruction, recycling or repurposing requirements.

Depending on client requirements the assets are either physically destroyed or repurposed. Following sanitising or degaussing and/or destruction, Shred-X provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Precious metals and components are recycled or repurposed into usable commodities and parts.

Onsite Data destruction

Physical destruction of IT assets such as hard drives and digital media can be performed at a secure Shred-X facility or alternatively, onsite via one of our innovative, secure data destruction vehicles.

The Shred-X onsite data destruction vehicles has fully certified hard drive and digital media destruction capabilities and has been designed to exceed the security requirements of large data centres and Government agencies. Shred-X onsite data destruction services are NAID AAA certified, an asset verification process is completed via serial number capture onsite and Certificates of Destruction can be provided. As with facility-based services, Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications.


Our Onsite data secure destruction vehicles can destroy:



Hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSD’s)


USB’s / flash memory drives


Mobile phones