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Mobile Phone Destruction & Recycling Services

what is e-waste

Why Destroy Mobile Phones?

Destroying your old mobile phone, whether personal or company-issued, will keep your information private and strengthen your data protection policy. To eliminate any risk to your privacy, Shred-X will take care of the entire disposal process for you. Our advanced destruction techniques are efficient and thorough – we use equipment designed especially to dismantle mobile phones, ensuring their complete destruction.

How We Destroy Mobile Phones

Shred-X’s mobile phone destruction service involves the physical destruction of the device. After the destruction process is complete, your mobile phone can then be recycled, completing the secure disposal process.

Mobile Phone Recycling & DISPOSAL

In Australia, the average consumer upgrades their phone every 18 months. Even though up to 90% of the materials found in phones can be recycled, only a small fraction of the phones we routinely discard are.

When dumped in landfill, mobile phones can leech toxic waste such as mercury and lead, so if not handled correctly, these substances can cause long-term environmental damage.

Apart from protecting your privacy, partnering with a certified secure destruction company which ensures the destruction of all data on your mobile phone can help minimise e-Waste by repurposing precious metals and doing your part towards a sustainable future.

If you have any old mobile phones lying around the house or office that no one uses anymore, contact Shred-X to dispose of them securely and safely. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our mobile phone recycling, disposal and destruction services.

what is e-waste

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FAQs of Mobile Phone Recycling

What is mobile phone recycling?

Mobile phone recycling is the process of stripping reusable components of a mobile phone and recycling them into new electronics or devices. Recycling prevents harmful chemicals from being released into the environment when these items are dumped in landfill, and also reduces our strain on sourcing these materials from the earth.

However, to protect your private information it’s essential that any mobile phone being recycled has first had all personal identifiable data securely removed. For the most secure phone destruction and recycling service available chat to the Shred-X team today.

What should I do with old phones?

Old phones and phone batteries contain a variety of materials that can be professionally recycled or repurposed, for the good of the environment. However, for your own safety, it is also important that all personal identifiable information be securely removed from your mobile phone before its components are repurposed.

For businesses in particular, employee-issued work phones hold sensitive personal information.  The name and phone number of a client alone counts as personally identifiable data under the Australian Privacy Act (APA). A leak of this information puts your business at risk of breaching Australian data protection laws, and potentially even global data protection laws.

Contact your closest Shred-X facility for a secure mobile phone destruction solution which will ensure both the integrity of your confidential information and also provide an environmentally ethical recycling and repurposing solution.

Where do I recycle phones?

While some organisations offer mobile phone recycling, not all offer a service which securely destroys the information contained on the device before the asset is recycled. Be sure to check with your recycling service provider whether secure removal of confidential data is a service they guarantee.

Your phone history, messages, bank details and private data should be given the discretion it deserves – particularly when that information concerns clients of your business. Shred-X’s phone destruction and recycling services will ensure your old data doesn’t come back to bite you. Call us today on 1300 747 339 to learn more.