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Anything that bears your company’s logo or name serves as a representative of your brand. Old company uniforms, stationary, branded equipment, advertising materials – each can have a huge impact on your business’ value beyond their useful life. To avoid having your business sabotaged or accidentally misrepresented by former employees, chat to your local Shred-X centre about our clothing destruction services.

Products and clothing for destruction are securely collected and transported in a Shred-X locked and GPS-tracked service vehicle to the closest Shred-X destruction facility. All Shred-X personnel have federal police clearances and are security vetted.

Product & Clothing Destruction Services


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The Importance of Destroying Products & Clothing

Some businesses only learn of the urgency of product and clothing destruction once it’s too late. Toll was left red-faced when an ex-employee performed a racist tirade on video, costing the delivery chain major clients. Several years earlier, Atari was caught out after they ‘destroyed’ copies of their heavily criticised E.T. game by dumping them in landfill.  These  were unearthed reviving the company’s 30-year-old PR problems.

Both cases show why sensitive products and clothing need to be handled securely – and why landfill is not a secure means of protection. Only Shred-X’s complete product and clothing destruction can guarantee the protection of your business, organisation or brand.

The Shred-X Product & Clothing Destruction Process

It all begins by securely collecting the items your business needs destroyed. Shred-X federal police cleared personnel will collect and transport your items in a locked, alarmed, and GPS-tracked company-owned service vehicle.

We will carry out complete and total destruction of the products or textiles, and issue you with a Certificate of Destruction. That certificate is your guarantee of the destruction process and provide you with assurance that there is no chance your products will be recovered from landfill or by any other means.

Product & Clothing Services

If you have a product, liquid or textile requiring disposal, consider the protection of your brand, business or organisation and contact Shred-X for a complete and secure solution. Shred-X are the experts in secure destruction and ensure a complete chain of custody.

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