e-Waste Repurposing


It’s interesting that in many sectors we hear the terms – REUSE, RECYCLE or REDUCE

Unfortunately, the e-waste problem is not one that is going to reduce anytime soon so we have to look to other options – Reuse or Recycle. The UN estimates between 20-50 million tonnes of electronic waste is discarded every year, with only 12.5% of this being recycled.

e-Waste recycling is definitely a positive disposal method ensuring that precious metals and components are recycled into usable commodities or parts. Another option and the most sustainable is Reuse, Repurpose or Remarket.


E-Waste Recycling

e-Waste Repurposing (Reuse or Remarketing) is a circular economy solution and is the process whereby non-data holding electronic items or electronic assets with data destroyed are reused either within your business or externally giving them second and third lives.

For electronic assets containing data, repurposing of the asset is performed after the data destruction process has been completed.

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Following data destruction, depending on the destruction process chosen, the following items can be repurposed:

  • Hard drives
  • Backup magnetic tapes
  • Laptops and computers
  • IT peripheral devices
  • Servers
  • RAM

There are also other equipment that does not contain data that can be repurposed just as they are such as:

  • Cables and chords
  • Screens
  • Server racking
  • Mouse / keyboards
  • Batteries
  • Circuit boards
  • CPU Towers
  • Power boards


Shred-X will ensure:

  1. Certifiable data destruction of any data holding devices
  2. Customised solution for your e-waste
  3. Complete end of life IT asset management

The Shred-X range of e-Waste Solutions include:


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FAQs of e-Waste Repurposing

What is the difference between recycling and repurposing e-Waste?

If your business is planning on upgrading your IT assets, it’s important to consider safe disposal options for the old assets, specifically methods which ensure data security and environmental sustainability. Certain IT components may require destruction to protect the confidential data they contain, such as hard drives and data storage devices. Once destroyed various components can be recycled and used in the production of other products. For example, precious metals, plastic and glass components can be recycled into similar products of the same composition.
However, there are IT and electronic items that do not require destruction and can be repurposed, for example non-data holding devices such as a keyboard, mouse or even cables. These can be reused either within your business, or donated to charity. Correct end of life IT asset management is something Shred-X specialises in, not only ensuring your data is securely removed but your asset is recycled or repurposed.

How can your business reduce e-waste?

Minimising the technology your business turns over is the most direct way to reduce your electronic waste, but this is far easier said than done. Electronics are becoming an essential part of running your day to day business operations.
However, there are a couple of tips to reducing your overall e-Waste:
• Be mindful – of the IT assets your company already own and which are still useful. You can save money by slowing down your turnover.
• Correct disposal¬ – choosing the correct disposal method for your end-of-life electronic items guarantees your business remains Privacy Act compliant and keeps your e-Waste out of landfill. Shred-X can assist you in choosing secure disposal solutions to suit your requirements
• Recycle and repurpose – If an asset is no longer required, book an end-of-life IT asset management service with Shred-X to ensure the data is securely destroyed before components will be recycled or repurposed.

What can be made from electronic waste?

Various components of e-Waste such as plastics, glass and precious metals (copper, iron, gold and silver) can be recycled after they are separated from the device, and used in the production of similar products. This year in Tokyo, part of the nation’s e-Waste has been compiled and used to produce the 2020 Summer Olympic medals, a great example of the positive results that come from recycling and re-using electronic waste.

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