Onsite Hard Drive & Media Destruction

In the modern age, most sensitive data your business stores will be stored digitally. From USB drives to computer hard drives, it wouldn’t take much for someone to pull valuable information about you and your clients from discarded digital devices.

Due to increasing demand for the provision of onsite data destruction, in conjunction with new privacy legislation including notifiable data breaches and GDPR, Shred-X partnered with a global-leading vehicle manufacturer to design & build Shred-X onsite data destruction vehicles.

To avoid the risk, we’ll bring a complete hard drive and media destruction service straight to your location. In nearly the blink of an eye, we can destroy hard drives, solid state drives, portable media devices and e-waste containing data, ensuring your information is completely unusable, and unrecoverable. Shred-X provide a complete onsite destruction solution including serial number capture of each individual asset which is provided on Certificates of Destruction.

For any e-waste including hard drives, solid state drives and devices past its useful life, simply erasing data before disposal won’t ensure the security of your information.

In fact, it was MIT who proved that point in their study on data security. Their aim was to prove that data isn’t securely deleted just by ‘deleting’ it on the computer. They purchased 158 hard drives from eBay and second-hand merchants, many of which were owned and used by legal firms and banks. The MIT team were able to recover thousands of credit card numbers, personal details of clients, their contact information, and plenty more incredibly sensitive information.

To avoid confidential information falling into the wrong hands, trust in Shred-X’s onsite e-waste and hard drive destruction services.

How does Onsite e-Waste and Hard Drive Destruction Work?

Every moment your data storage devices are left accessible, the information they’ve held is at risk.  Shred-X can bring the most secure means of data destruction to you.

Our vehicles are equipped with the most secure device-destruction technology available. In an instant, your devices will be completely destroyed. You can even view your devices being destroyed through our vehicles’ internal cameras from your office

Recycling of e-Waste following destruction

To provide the most environmentally sustainable service, and to assist you in meeting environmental and ethical targets, we offer responsible recycling options for your e-waste. Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications. Shred-X partner with recycling companies who are certified sustainable electronic recyclers. Our e-waste recycling partners adhere to our requirements for complete data destruction, so you know that your information isn’t put at risk.

What e-Waste Items Are Collected For Recycling?

If your business is due to dispose of any electrical equipment that does not contain data but has reached the end of its useful life, recycling your e-waste is a must. With the government constantly looking to tighten the laws on disposing of electrical goods, recycling is the safest way to avoid fines or penalties.

How To Book Onsite e-Waste Destruction

For the fastest, most reliable, and safest way to destroy your e-waste, have your shredding and destruction handled onsite. The team at Shred-X can bring an internationally certified destruction service to you, ensuring your data and information meets a safe and responsible end.

Don’t wait for your data to be exposed or put at risk. Book our onsite e-waste destruction services online today, and have our certified team come to you.

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