Onsite Archive Box Destruction

Any business that’s operated for long enough is bound to have archive boxes full of information taking up valuable space. And for businesses that date back to before the common use of computers and emails, you’re likely to be swimming in old documents and archives. Not only are your archives taking up valuable space in your office, they’re putting your business at risk.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider the sorts of information you’d have stored in archive boxes. From financial records to the personal information of clients – there’s likely to be information your business can’t risk leaking. And for every moment those archive boxes remain intact, there’s a risk the data will be exposed to someone looking to cause your business harm.

For a safe and easy solution to archive box destruction, trust in Shred-X’s onsite archive destruction.

Archive Box Destruction for Office Cleanouts

If you’re cleaning out your office, don’t just throw unneeded archives in the rubbish. After all, a simple scavenge through your waste could help someone recover sensitive data about your own business, and your clients.

Plus, you won’t just benefit from the peace of mind of knowing your sensitive information is secure, you’ll also gain back all the space occupied by old archives. The longer your business has hoarded archives, the more you pay in either external storage solutions or wasted space in your workplace. A simple office cleanout can save your business thousands in the long-run.

How Does It Work?

Having your archives destroyed is simpler than you might imagine. We bring the destruction facility to you with our onsite destruction vehicle carrying everything you need for secure data destruction. And once the destruction process is complete, the shredded documents will be recycled. You’ll then be issued with a certificate of destruction, so you can have assurance that your information was completely destroyed.

Our team and equipment have earned us the highest security rating possible –  NAID AAA Certification. So you can trust your information is in the safest hands possible once Shred-X arrives.

How To Book Onsite Archive Box Destruction

Don’t wait for your data to be exposed or put at risk. Book our onsite archive destruction services online today, and have our NAID AAA certified team come to you.

Chat to us online, or at 1300 747 339.

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