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E-Waste & IT asset Lifecycle Solutions

what is e-waste

E-Waste & IT Asset Disposal

    Just as it is a legal requirement to shred documents containing personal information before disposing of them, it’s equally important to ensure all data-holding electronic items and IT assets requiring disposal cannot compromise you, your business, customers or employees. Compliance is not an option, it’s mandatory as detailed in the Australian Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) and GDPR laws.

    Shred-X is a leading service provider in secure, sustainable e-Waste and IT asset disposal solutions, accredited by ISO Best Practice, AS/NZS 5377 Global Compliance Certification and the most stringent data destruction certification – NAID AAA. Having national and international coverage, Shred-X is compliant with the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual (ISM) controls and holds Baseline security clearance permitted to access classified resources up to and including that at a ‘Protected’ level.

    Customised e-Waste solutions

    At Shred-X, we understand the data security risks associated with IT asset and e-Waste disposals. We provide a complete range of certified destruction, recycling and repurposing solutions to ensure that your business protects all sensitive information and meets its environmental sustainability responsibilities. Find a tailored solution to suit your business: 

    Data Destruction


    e-Waste Recycling & Repurposing

    IT Value Recovery

    IT Value Recovery

    Partner with Shred-X in E-Waste


    Complete solution saves time, money & ensures chain of custody is maintained


    Highest industry certifications including NAID AAA


    Compliance to Australian & International Privacy legislation


    Fully trained and experienced Federal Police Cleared Personnel


    Onsite or Facility-Based Certified Destruction providing customised high security options


    National infrastructure guarantees direct service provision


    Sustainable service: e-Waste components & parts are recycled or repurposed post data destruction


    Social Responsibility: Options of donating repurposed e-Waste to nominated charity


    Shred-X accept the following e-Waste items. Where applicable, data will be securely removed, destroyed or sanitised and parts will be recycled or repurposed according to your requirements.


    Shred-X provide a safe, segregated battery collection service. It is an important safety requirement that batteries not be placed in e-Waste containers or general waste streams where they can start a fire.  Post collection, we partner with certified recyclers who  reuse almost all of the material found in batteries, ensuring these hazardous items are kept out of landfill.


    E-Waste FAQS

    What is e-Waste?

    e-Waste is classified as anything that:

    • holds digital information / data such as computers, phones, hard drives and printers; or
    • is an electronic item and has reached the end of its useful life, has been superseded by a new model or is broken and no longer works.

    how do i safely dispose of e-waste?

    When disposing of electronic assets such as old phones, laptops and IT devices, it may seem a convenient solution to list them for sale in the second hand marketplace, or simply discard them along with your regular waste. However, these disposal methods are not solutions which safeguard the confidential information contained on the device, nor are they environmentally sustainable.

    Should these devices be recovered and data restored, your business will be at risk of breaching Australian and international privacy and data security laws (such as the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR).

    Furthermore, the physical disposal of any e-Waste should be done in an environmentally sustainable manner. Electronic items which are discarded in general waste, end up in landfill where they leak harmful toxins and chemicals into the soil and water, with devastating effects on local communities and wildlife.

    Only secure services such as Shred-X’s e-Waste destruction and recycling solutions will both control and destroy your data, and ensure recyclable components do not end up in landfill. To find out more about our e-waste recycling service, chat to a friendly member of our team.

    How does electronic shredding work?

    Electronic shredding is like paper shredding – an industrial shredder has the capability to shred computer hard drives, phones, tablets, USB’s and other devices into small pieces. The plastic and glass components are separated and repurposed in other products, and the metals are recovered and recycled.

    Find out more about Shred-X’s e-Waste shredding services.

    What happens to e-Waste in Australia?

    Unless people and businesses dispose of their e-Waste responsibly via secure professional organisations with recycling solutions, e-Waste may end up in landfill or shipped to developing countries with detrimental effects on the local environment. Unsecure disposal of e-Waste also risks the exposure of confidential information contained on the asset. General waste centres do not protect your confidential information and common items recovered from these facilities are often electronic goods which can be stripped for parts or repurposed for financial gain. Any data which you or your business have stored on old hard drives, USBs or CDs can be recovered if improperly disposed, putting you at risk of breaching the Australian Privacy Act. Therefore, the onus is on you to ensure that your information and that of your clients and employees, has been securely destroyed before the asset is ethically disposed of. For the safest e-Waste disposal, where your private data is first destroyed before the asset’s component’s are recycled, chat to the Shred-X team.

    How do I get started with Shred-X?

    When you upgrade your technology and are ready to securely and ethically dispose of your e-Waste, call your local Shred-X facility on 1300 747 339. We can arrange onsite or facility-based destruction, followed by recycling of your assets to meet both legal and environmental sustainability requirements. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team online.

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