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e-Waste is essentially anything that:

  • holds digital information / data such as computers, phones, hard drives and printers; or
  • is an electronic item and has reached the end of its useful life, has been superseded by a new model or is broken and no longer works.

In the same sense that it is a legal requirement to shred documents containing personal information before disposing of them, it’s important to make sure any electronic items and IT assets you wish to dispose of cannot compromise you, your business, your customers or your employees. This has never been more important than now with the Australian Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) and GDPR laws. Compliance is not an option; it’s mandatory. At Shred-X, we can ensure that an electronic item that may have held sensitive data is destroyed with the most certified and secure process. Some e-waste does not contain data and as such the destruction process is not required. Currently in South Australia and from 1 July 2019 in Victoria it is illegal to dispose of electronic waste in general waste or landfill, with other States soon to follow. Regardless of your State’s laws disposing of e-waste in general waste or landfill is environmentally irresponsible and unsustainable. Shred-X provide a complete range of e-waste and IT asset destruction and recycling solutions customised to your specific requirements to ensure that you not only protect your business & information but also adhere to your environmental sustainability responsibilities.


Shred-X securely destroy all forms of e-waste, the most common e-waste products we destroy are:


Shred-X ensure that e-Waste and IT assets containing data are destroyed with the most secure and ethical processes. Destroyed and non-data assets and electronic waste are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications and Shred-X only partner with recycling companies who are e-Stewards and are certified sustainable recyclers.

E-Waste FAQs

Why is e-waste a problem?
Many gadgets and gismos make our businesses easier to manage. However, e-Waste becomes a problem when these items are incorrectly disposed of. When e-Waste is discarded in general waste or kerbside recycling, it ultimately ends up in landfill where these items leak chemicals and toxins into local area ecosystems and community water sources. According to Sustainability Victoria, e-Waste is growing at 3 times the rate of general municipal waste, posing both an environmental and educational challenge as households and businesses churn through the latest technology. It's environmental harm that has forced the Government to tighten its laws on businesses disposing of e-Waste. As of 1 July 2019 the Victorian Government banned all e-Waste from going into landfill, a great step in the right direction and one which will hopefully be followed by other Australian States. In addition to the detrimental environmental consequences of improper e-Waste disposal, there are also legal ramifications affecting businesses. The Australian Privacy Law mandates that businesses ‘take reasonable steps’ to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer required. It’s therefore more important than ever to ensure your business is securely removing all confidential information contained on e-Waste devices before sustainable disposal. For a legally compliant, ethical and secure solution to e-Waste, chat to the Shred-X team today.
How do I recycle e-waste?
Electronic assets and IT devices disposed in a general or kerbside recycling containers, will not be recycled and most likely end up in landfill. e-Waste recycling centres are gradually becoming more prevalent throughout Australia. However, it is important to note that not all e-Waste recyclers offer a secure destruction service, that is; 100% removal of all personal identifiable information contained on the device before the asset is recycled. Be sure to check with your recycling service provider whether secure removal of confidential data is a service they guarantee. If data stored on your old device is found, your business will be at risk of breaching data privacy laws.   The fastest, safest and easiest solution to recycling e-Waste is to employ a fully accredited service, such as Shred-X. With Shred-X’s NAID AAA Certification you will not only be ‘doing your bit’ for the environment, but we will ensure all data stored on your electronic devices will be securely destroyed. Find out more about Shred-X’s e-Waste recycling services.
What happens to e-Waste in Australia?
Sadly, unless people and businesses dispose of their e-Waste responsibly via secure professional organisations with recycling solutions, e-Waste ends up in landfill. With detrimental effects on the environment; unsecure disposal of e-Waste also risks the exposure of confidential information. General waste centres do not protect your confidential information and common items recovered from these facilities are often electronic goods which can be stripped for parts or repurposed for financial gain. Any data which you or your business has stored on old hard drives, USBs or CDs can be recovered, if improperly disposed, putting you at risk of breaching the Australian Privacy Act. Therefore, the onus is on you to ensure that your information and that of your clients and employees, has been securely destroyed before the asset is ethically disposed of.   For the safest e-Waste destruction service, chat to the Shred-X team.
How does e-Waste affect the environment?
Computers and electronic devices are composed of materials such as mercury, nickel, lead and zinc which, when exposed to the elements, heat up releasing toxins into the air, into the soil, and local waterways. This has serious health effects (including neurological, digestive and respiratory problems) on local communities and wildlife.  
How do I get started with Shred-X?
When you upgrade your technology and are ready to securely and ethically dispose of  your e-Waste,  call your local Shred-X facility on 1300 747 339. We can arrange onsite or facility-based destruction, followed by recycling of your assets to meet both legal and environmental sustainability requirements.   Get in touch with a friendly member of our team online.

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