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When it comes time to throw out anything electronic, it’s worth considering what happens to the sensitive data that device has held. If you need your information deleted to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands, get your data destroyed with the Shred-X difference.
Unlike most in the industry, we don’t just use software to wipe data. For more thorough protection of your information, we physically destroy it – ensuring it can never be retrieved.
Shred-X are certified by the highest industry bodies, so you know your sensitive data is in the safest hands.

E-Waste Recycling

  • All recycling partners are 100% secure
  • All data is completely destroyed before recycling
  • Environmental and ethical recycling
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Shred-X is ISO14001 certified. We’re also the only destruction company in Australia with national NAID AAA Certification.

Hard Drive Destruction & Degaussing

  • Hard drives
  • Floppy discs
  • Audio reel-to-reel tapes
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E-Waste Destruction & Recycling Services


Keep your Business Secure

Stop Identity Theft


Save Time & Money

Digital Media Destruction

  • Credit cards
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and HD DVDs
  • Solid state drives
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Computer & Laptop Recycling & Destruction

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Hard Drives & PC Peripherals
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Mobile Phone Recycling & Destruction

  • iOS / Android / Windows
  • All brands, models & operating systems
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e-Waste is essentially anything that:

  • Holds digital information (such as computers, phones, hard drives, and printers)
  • And has reached the end of its useful life.

In the same sense that you would shred documents before disposing of them, it’s important to make sure any digital items you throw out cannot compromise you, your business, your customers or your employees. This has never been more important and now with the new Notifiable Data Beach laws, compliance is vital. At Shred-X, we can ensure anything that may have held sensitive data is destroyed with the most secure possible means.


Shred-X securely destroy all forms of e-waste, the most common e-waste products we destroy are:


Your e-waste is destroyed with the most secure and ethical means possible. Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications. Shred-X partner with recycling companies who are e-Stewards and are certified sustainable electronic recyclers.

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International e-Waste Day

International e-Waste Day To honour one of the most significant issues facing the age of information, the 13th of October marks the first  International e-Waste Recycling Day. The initiative was founded by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum –...

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The Future of e-Waste in Australia

It was recently announced that as of 1 July 2019, Victoria’s laws on e-waste management will be completely reformed. The upgrade will see at least one e-waste disposal point within a 20-minute drive of 98% of Victorians. But, more importantly, fines will be applied...

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How Identity Theft is Affecting Australians

It’s more commonly seen as the outlandish plot of a spy thriller – but identity theft is an incredibly real threat. And as technology and the age of information have become more and more integrated in our lives, this threat has only increased. Thankfully, we’ve got...

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