Onsite Document Shredding & Destruction

Leaving your old documents in files, drawers, or around your office could put your data at risk.

To keep your information safe, it’s essential to have it destroyed as soon as it’s no longer needed. And to help speed up that process, Shred-X can bring its renowned secure destruction service to your door.

Shred-X can provide onsite document destruction performed at your premises by federal-police cleared and security vetted Shred-X personnel. Upon completion, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction.


The Importance of Document Destruction

Old or unneeded documents must be securely destroyed. In January 2018, the Australian Government was left red-faced after classified parliamentary documents were discovered in a filing cabinet in a pawn shop in Canberra.
This data breach  could have been entirely avoided if the documents had been destroyed once they’d reached the end of their useful life.

Whether an individual gains unauthorised access to documents or information is found through a simple mistake, any old or outdated documents pose the risk of data data breach. That’s why it’s essential your business doesn’t take the risk.

The Difference Between Document Destruction & Recycling

Shred-X promote a shred all policy. This ensures that any old or outdated documents are securely destroyed rather than leaving an opportunity for documents containing personal, business or customer information to end up in the wrong hands as could happen with a separate paper recycling and document destruction service.  The Shred-X onsite document destruction service is NAID AAA certified to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Once the documents have been destroyed, Shred-X ensure the shredded paper is recycled. Shred-X partner with manufacturers of Reflex Office Paper to provide shredded paper for recycling which is then used as a substitute for virgin pulp as well as manufacturers of washroom paper products to ensure environmental sustainability and a circular economy is maintained.

How to Book Onsite Document Destruction

Don’t wait for your data to be exposed, or put at risk. Book our onsite document destruction services online today, and have our NAID AAA certified service and security vetted team come to you.

Chat to us online, or at 1300 747 339.

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