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Digital Media Destruction

what is e-waste

Digital Media Devices

Vast amounts of private data can be held on USB drives, Solid State Drives, tablets and other digital media devices. If privacy is important to you, and it should be, physical destruction is essential. Shred-X can destroy any digital media device that contains data, ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance are maintained.

the dangers of not destroying digital media

Digital media is often the target of thieves to obtain ‘trade secrets’ or as the means to identity theft. Everything from private emails to client contact details can be misused if they end up in the wrong hands.

Physically destroying digital media is the only 100% secure way to remove data and protect the information it contains.

The practice of simply recycling digital media devices has become so widespread that the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) performed a study of recycled devices. The NAID study found that 30% of recovered devices contained private information including:


Medical Files


Banking Details


Personal Emails


Private Photographs


Client Account Information

Digital Media Destruction FAQs

What is secure digital media destruction?

Digital media destruction is the process of safely and irreversibly destroying digital media contained on a device (e.g. laptops, USBs, smart phones, tablets and hard drives). Complete destruction ensures the data contained on the device can never be recovered or restored, which is essential if your digital media contains sensitive information such as business data, banking details, or passwords.

How are USBs destroyed?

Physically destroying a digital media device such as a USB drive is the only 100% secure way to remove data and protect the information it contains.  While DIY content on the web proposes data destruction ‘solutions’ such as the passing a magnet over a USB, these methods may not ensure that all data has been rendered inaccessible. And if data can be accessed, it may mean your business is in breach of Australian Privacy and European data protection laws.

If your business needs professional assistance in destroying digital media devices and the data they contain, chat to the Shred-X team today.

How are solid state drives (SSDs) destroyed?

While a SSD is generally considered superior to a hard disk drive, it’s also more difficult to destroy. Degaussing a standard hard drive can do the job, however this method is not suitable for a SSD which is not a magnetic device.

The only way to guarantee a SSD’s data has been destroyed is via professional physical destruction. For a NAID AAA-certified SSD destruction service, contact Shred-X.

What is Shred-X’s digital media destruction process?

We follow 6 steps to ensure your digital media is destroyed securely:

  1. Secure Collection – Federal Police-cleared Shred-X personnel collect the device(s) from your location.
  2. Transportation – Your assets will be transported via our alarmed and GPS-tracked vehicles to the nearest alarmed and monitored Shred-X facility.
  3. Verification – Prior to physical destruction, a serial number recording and verification process of each device is completed.
  4. Separation of Equipment – The asset’s components are separated as necessary for recycling, destruction or repurposing requirements.
  5. Secure Destruction – The asset is securely destroyed, and Shred-X will provide a Certificate of Destruction.
  6. Recycling or Repurposing – Any precious materials or components will be recycled or repurposed into usable commodities and parts.

To find out more about our digital media destruction process, chat a friendly member of our team today.