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Our Services in Melbourne &    Greater Victoria

Innovative Solutions

Sustainable outcomes

Shred-X offers secure destruction and recycling solutions throughout Melbourne in metropolitan and regional areas. Our base in Laverton North services all of Victoria, offering our clients the most direct service coverage in the market. As the industry leader in certified destruction of sensitive data, we provide your business with the highest levels of security and customer service.

Our tailored solutions ensure your business is compliant with Privacy legislation, and our recycling initiatives and partnerships aid your business in achieving its environmental sustainability targets.

Shred-X Specialises in:


Secure Document Destruction


Archive Box & Office Cleanouts

Paper Recycling (for non-sensitive information)

Printer’s Waste Solutions


Digital Media Destruction


Hard Drive Deguassing, Sanitisation & Destruction


Onsite Paper Shredding


Mobile phone & Tablet Destruction


Decommissiong Data Centres

Product Destruction

Clothing & Textile Destruction 

e-Waste Management and Recycling

IT Value Recovery 

Onsite Hard Drive & Media Destruction

Document Destruction Melbourne

Old documents don’t just take up valuable space around the office, they often contain sensitive information about accounts and clients. To remove the risk of a data breach and remain compliant with Privacy legislation, Shred-X secure document destruction services can help.

e-Waste Recycling & Destruction Melbourne

Businesses who use or store consumer data need to comply with current Privacy legislation (both in Australia and internationally via the GDPR). Data leaks can incur millions of dollars in fines – potentially enough to bankrupt most Australian businesses.

Similarly, Australia has tightened its laws on how e-Waste is disposed of. There are both environmental and industrial impacts of disposing of e-Waste in landfill – all of which can be avoided with a responsible e-Waste secure destruction and recycling service.

Shred-X will ensure your data is securely destroyed on your outdated IT assets. We then work with Australian recyclers who are e-stewards, ensuring your e-Waste is responsibly recycled or repurposed according to your requirements.

The Shred-X e-waste service includes:

Melbourne Product, Clothing & Uniform Destruction

Any items bearing your company name, logo or which are used in conducting official business, should be handled in the same manner as confidential information. Old company uniforms, stationery, branded equipment, advertising materials, ID or company credit cards are prorietary company materials which can have a huge impact on your business’ value beyond their useful life. To avoid the potential of your business being sabotaged or misrepresented, chat to your local Shred-X team about our specialty destruction services:

Recycling & Waste Renewal Solutions Melbourne

Environmental sustainability has always been a priority for Shred-X, which began operations in the paper recovery industry in 1999. Todays Shred-X continues to explore new and innovative opportunities with recycling and repurposing partners, promoting product stewardship and a true circular economy.

Recognised for our collection and processing capabilities and national infrastructure, we have been approached by various organisations to partner with to provide Circular Economy and Waste Diversion Solutions.

These solutions include:

Melbourne Onsite Destruction Services

In addition to facility-based secure destruction, Shred-X also offer secure onsite shredding solutions where we bring the power to you. The Shred-X onsite solution is built for your convenience and has equivalent certifications are facility-based destruction, i.e.  onsite shredding service is NAID AAA certified and Certificates of Destruction can be provided.

Shred-X offer:

  • Onsite Hard Drive and Media Destruction
  • Onsite Document Shredding and Destruction
  • Onsite Archive Box Destruction
  • Onsite Product, Uniform and Textile Destruction

To find out more, call our customer service team on 1300 747 339 or complete an online enquiry

Complying with the Privacy Act

Australia’s privacy laws are some of the strictest in the world. And if your business operates online (and would store consumer data of international customers), you’re also governed by their local data protection laws – such as the GDPR.

The easiest way to minimise the risk of data leaking is to securely destroy any items holding information that are beyond their useful life by partnering with a NAID certified provider like Shred-X. For the most effective destruction methods in Victoria, contact the Shred-X team online or call 1300 747 339.

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