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Waste Diversion Solutions

Food Packaging & Coffee Cup Recycling

Shred-X is successfully challenging preconceptions of what can be put in the recycling bin, and now offers a range of solutions diverting waste destined for landfill. These solutions include saveBOARD, disposable coffee cup & food packaging recycling and other eco friendly alternatives.

from bin to board

Shred-X’s collaboration with saveBOARD, a low carbon building product similar to plywood and plasterboard, allows the growth of its waste renewal division through a commitment to diverted waste management solutions with minimal carbon kilometres, all while providing a new growth category. saveBOARD completes an end-product solution where recycled material can be regenerated and reused into world-class products while utilising our core capabilities in collection, processing and delivery channels.

The first Australian saveBOARD plant reprocesses liquid paperboard beverage containers, including both aluminium-lined aseptic packages and non-aluminum lined containers collected through the container deposit scheme, coffee cups collected through our disposable coffee cup collection program as well as other material from Shred-X collections.

zero waste to landfill solution

saveBOARD was founded with the sole purpose of solving the growing packaging waste problem in Australasia and finding sustainable solutions to increase waste diversion rates. By implementing proven, scalable upcycling technologies that turn locally collected waste into locally distributed, high performance, low carbon building materials.

saveBOARD is committed to being an industry leader and putting an end to waste pollution. The saveBOARD product is a healthy board, made with zero water, zero glues, zero chemicals and zero VOC emissions or formaldehydes. The product’s green credentials meet all obligations under 14G of the Building Act, reducing waste from the environment and up to 90 per cent reduction in carbon. It is also possible to recover the waste generated from offcuts and end of life boards to be remanufactured into new board products, providing a zero-waste-to-landfill solution.

The first saveBOARD ANZ facility is operational in New Zealand with the first Australian facility based in Warragamba, outside Sydney in NSW. More information about saveBOARD is available at

eWood® Solutions

In 2022 Shred-X acquired eWood® Solutions – a company diverting products destined for landfill by processing their plastic components into unique ‘wood look’ garden products. Plastics from printer cartridges, white goods and e-Waste components are collected and processed to make raised garden bed kits, sleepers, retaining walls, sand pits and fencing. What sets eWood® products apart from other DIY and garden accessories in the market, is the patented manufacturing process which allows for a wide range of different plastics to be used together to make the sustainable product range.

Made in Australia from 100% recycled materials, eWood is low maintenance, non-toxic, termite resistant and perfect for the Australian climate as a naturally UV stabilised material and in turn, is even 100% recyclable.

Read more about the eWood product range.


Closed Loop Environmental Solutions – Simply Cups Australia Program

Shred-X has also invested in new ways of processing millions of disposable coffee cups, partnering with Closed Loop Environmental Solutions and the Simply Cups program to find innovative solutions for recycling and repurposing used coffee cups and organic material like spent coffee grounds.

How it Works

Simply Cups Australia is a program that helps businesses separate their disposable cups from the waste stream headed for landfill. Shred-X collects those cups, undertakes preliminary processing, and supplies the recycled materials, like the thin plastic lining and coffee cup lids, to a range of innovative new technologies to transform used cups into items of higher value. 

Upcycled products to re-enter the supply chain include road surfacing, lightweight concrete products and the plasterboard substitute, saveBOARD. Closed Loop are continually exploring new applications for the collected material, working closely with Shred-X to deliver sustainable solutions.

Further information is available at

Detpak – RecycleMe™ Program

Another Shred-X circular economy partnership is with Detpak and their RecycleMe™ solution, endorsed by Planet Ark.

How it Works Shred-X collects and processes RecycleMe™ 100% recyclable coffee cups from collection points throughout Australia. Cups collected by Shred-X will be counted and guaranteed to be recycled into new paper products and made into products such as 80gsm 100% recycled copy paper, wrapping paper and paper packaging materials.

The RecycleMe™ offer is an end-to-end solution. Along with the paper cups, the collection system has been specifically designed to ensure each cup is handled in the right way, improving the integrity of material recovery streams and keeping as many cups out of landfill as possible.

Once processed, these cups can be recycled in the same manner as office paper at Opal Australian Paper’s Maryvale mill. The unique next generation lining in RecycleMe™ cups allows them to be recycled within existing infrastructure and without additional investment from paper recycling plants.

The partnership between Shred-X, Detpak and Opal Australian Paper provides a local solution to support the move to a circular economy. Further information is available at

Waste Diversion Solutions Across Australia

Across every state and territory in Australia, Shred-X helps businesses increase their waste diversion rate through our innovative waste diversion partnerships. Our goal is to increase the amount of reusable packaging and recycled food packaging in circulation, while reducing the amount of single-use products, like single-use coffee cups. With designated collection points and specialised recycling bins in every major city, we are well placed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

With comprehensive coverage across Australia, Shred-X partner with some of the most innovative recycling organisations in the country to help you divert waste. To find out about how you can convert your waste into reusable commodities or products, contact our friendly team today! Shred-X operates in:

Brisbane and South East Queensland
Townsville and North Queensland
Sydney and New South Wales
Melbourne and Victoria
Perth and Western Australia
Canberra and the ACT
Adelaide and South Australia
Darwin and the Northern Territory
Hobart and Tasmania

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