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Archives / Office Cleanouts

Archives & office cleanout service

If your office is undertaking a spring-clean or even relocating, consider Shred-X as a part of your removal team. We provide a complete archive box and cleanout solution including secure collection and transportation of your items, through to destruction. Our secure service protects the privacy of your business, your clients and employees through every step of the process, allowing you to focus on business as usual. 


Archive box removal & destruction

Whether your business makes use of onsite or offsite storage for company files, portfolios and marketing collateral, archive boxes can take up valuable storage space. A customised archive removal and destruction solution from Shred-X will help you recover your space and achieve peace of mind by ensuring the integrity of your confidential information.

Shred-X security vetted and Federal Police checked personnel manage the end-to-end secure process from collecting your material through to issuing a Certificate of Destruction confirming disposal to rigorous NAID AAA industry standards.

secure bulk disposal

Our team can remove archive boxes and materials of all sizes from your premises or off-site storage facility. If your archived documents have deteriorated or sustained water damage, we can still destroy them, no matter what condition they’re in.

Our industrial-grade shredders are able to destroy:

For larger quantities of archive boxes, be sure to ask about our pallet service.

office cleanouts: we’re here to help

Once you have identified what requires disposal, our Shred-X team can get to work. Simply tell us where your office is located, and a Shred-X representative will contact you to provide a tailored solution. Our Australian-based client service teams and NAID AAA certified destruction facilities are located in each State and Territory of Australia.

All Shred-X personnel are security vetted and Federal police cleared. Our vehicles are alarmed and GPS-tracked to ensure a complete chain of custody. Shred-X offers all clients a Certificate of Destruction, which confirms that your information has been destroyed in an appropriate manner and won’t end up in landfill.

No matter what you need to destroy, Shred-X has a solution. To find out how Shred-X can help you clean out or relocate your office, contact us today.

the dangers of not cleaning out your office

You may not realise how cluttered your workplace is until it needs to be packed up! Simply throwing items in the bin may seem like an easy solution, but this can endanger not only your privacy, but also the livelihood and reputation of your business.

Australian and International Privacy Laws require that reasonable steps be taken to protect personal information, and financial penalties apply to non compliance to this legislation. It’s imperative to exercise care when cleaning out your office – anything containing private or business-related information should be destroyed.

the archive destruction/ office cleanout process

A Shred-X representative can recommend a complete solution based on your site requirements: from digitising & backing up documents prior to your cleanout, to the secure removal of items requiring destruction.

Federal Police-cleared and security vetted Shred-X personnel, collect all material being discarded, from documents to electronic devices.
The product is transported in a locked, alarmed & GPS tracked company-owned vehicle to the closest Shred-X facility.
Destruction of documents and assets takes place in a secure & alarmed Shred-X facility under 24-hour HD CCTV surveillance. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records.
Shred-X recovers 98.5% of paper materials collected, through working with our recycling partners. The precious metals and components of destroyed electronic media can be recycled or repurposed into usable commodities & parts.

archive / office cleanout faq’s:

what archived items are accepted?

We understand that archive boxes are not only used to store documents, but may contain old product samples, electronic equipment or even uniforms. We accept all of these items for secure destruction. Simply notify your customer service representative when booking your service that your archive boxes contain assorted items, and we will take care of the rest. Then sit back with a cup of tea and admire all the space you have gained! 

How Does onsite archive destruction Work?

Having your archives destroyed is simpler than you might imagine. We bring the destruction facility to you with our onsite destruction vehicle carrying everything you need for secure data destruction. Our team and equipment have earned us the highest security rating possible – NAID AAA Certification. So you can trust your information is in the safest hands possible once Shred-X arrives. 

How To Book an office cleanout or Archive Box Destruction

To book an office cleanout or archive destruction service contact us online, or call 1300 747 339. We’ll need to know roughly how many boxes you need collected. If you have a large quantity of archive boxes, please ask about our pallet service.