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Shred-X provide a complete solution for hard drive and tape destruction including:

For any e-waste including hard drives, solid state drives and devices past its useful life, simply erasing data before disposal won’t ensure the security of your information.

In fact, it was MIT who proved that point in their study on data security. Their aim was to prove that data isn’t securely deleted just by ‘deleting’ it on the computer. They purchased 158 hard drives from eBay and second-hand merchants, many of which were owned and used by legal firms and banks. The MIT team were able to recover thousands of credit card numbers, personal details of clients, their contact information, and plenty more incredibly sensitive information.

To avoid confidential information falling into the wrong hands, trust Shred-X’s e-waste and hard drive destruction services.



Shred-X hold the highest industry certifications including NAID AAA with PSPF endorsement meaning that you can be assured you will receive the most certified destruction service available.

Your hard drives will be collected by Federal-Police Cleared and Security-Bonded Shred-X personnel who will transport the devices in a locked, alarmed and GPS tracked vehicle to the closest Shred-X facility. Shred-X Secure Destruction facilities are set up to destroy large volumes of electronic media and hard drives and are designed by certified engineers and comply with workplace health and safety standards.

hard drive destruction services

All facilities are back to base alarmed and monitored with 24-hour HDD CCTV surveillance and are secured with a SCEC approved locking system. Prior to physical destruction Shred-X complete a serial number recording and verification process following which the destruction process is conducted under the strictest security standards. Once the destruction process is complete Shred-X will provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.


To provide the most environmentally sustainable service, and to assist you in meeting environmental and ethical targets, we offer responsible recycling options. Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications and partner with recycling companies who are e-stewards and certified sustainable electronic recyclers. Our e-waste recycling partners adhere to our stringent security requirements so you know that your information isn’t put at risk.


If your business is due to dispose of any electrical equipment that does not contain data but has reached the end of its useful life, recycling your e-waste is a must. With the government constantly looking to tighten the laws on disposing of electrical goods, recycling is the safest way to avoid fines or penalties.

Don’t wait for your data to be exposed or put at risk. Book a Shred-X Hard Drive or Tape destruction Service today.

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What to do with Old Hard Drives

When your business upgrades their IT assets, it is important that old associated hard drives be responsibly disposed of, for adherence to both privacy laws as well as environmental sustainability standards. A data-holding device such as a hard drive should have all confidential data, professionally and securely destroyed, to prevent a potential breach of your employee’s and your customer’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII), which can also an incur serious penalties for your business.

By partnering with Shred-X, you can rest assured that both legal and environmental requirements are met when disposing of old hard drives, through our range of hard drive destruction and e-Waste recycling solutions.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Employing a professional degaussing or hard drive destruction service is always the best way to ensure your hard drive, and its’ confidential contents, are securely destroyed.

Did you know, simply reformatting your hard drive is not a secure method of ensuring your confidentiality?  Even if it may appear to no longer contain data, your computer may still hold sensitive information which can be restored using simple software.

How to Dispose of a Hard Drive

Never just throw a hard drive into your general or recycling waste containers. The environmental, legal and data-related risks are too high if your e-Waste ends up in landfill. Australian and international laws govern businesses to ensure the protection of confidential information, so a data-holding hard drive should have all confidential data professionally and securely removed.

If your business has hard drives that are at their end-of-life , contact your closest Shred-X facility for a secure hard drive destruction solution which will ensure both the integrity of your confidential information and also provide environmentally ethical recycling and repurposing solutions.

What is Shred-X’s facility-based hard drive destruction process?

We will ensure your hard drives follow our strict and NAID AAA-certified process:

  1. Secure Collection – Our team of personnel (all of whom are Federal Police-cleared) will collect your assets onsite.
  2. Transportation – Your hard drives will be transported via our alarmed and GPS-tracked vehicles to the nearest alarmed and monitored Shred-X facility.

You also have the option to have your hard drives and e-Waste destroyed onsite with one of our destruction vehicles.

  1. Verification – Prior to physical destruction, a serial number recording and verification process of each hard drive is completed under 24/7 HD CCTV until destruction.
  2. Separation – The hard drive’s components are separated as necessary for recycling, destruction or repurposing requirements.


  1. Destruction – The data-storing elements of your assets are all completely destroyed, and Shred-X will provide a Certificate of Destruction.
  2. Recycling and repurposing – Any separated elements or components that can be recycled or repurposed will be sent to one of our trusted recycling partners to be repurposed into usable commodities and parts.
What is the difference between hard drive destruction and degaussing?

Hard drive destruction is the process of physically destroying the hard drive through our industrial grade shredders ensuring the hard drive is beyond recoverable.

Degaussing is erasing data through the use of high-powered magnets to wipe the electrons off the drive. This removes the data from the drive, and leaves no trace of the data it once stored.

Combining both methods, degaussing and destruction ensures the device is 100% unrecoverable, protecting your customers and keeping your business privacy law compliant.

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