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Computer Recycling & Destruction Services

what is e-waste

Electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and laptops are critical to maintaining a company’s operations, growth and connection with the world. When the time comes to upgrade your electronic equipment, consideration needs to be given to how you dispose of your unwanted electronics to best protect your business and the environment.

Our computer and laptop destruction and recycling solution ensures the correct disposal of your electronic waste – safely, securely and responsibly.

Why Destroy & Recycle Computers & Laptops?

When computers and laptops reach the end of their life, these devices should never be discarded in general or kerbside waste. e-Waste typically contains confidential and private information left on the retired computer, even if these files have been deleted.

If exposed, credit card numbers, personal details of clients, their contact information, saved passwords and other types of sensitive information can not only compromise your business operations, but breach data protection laws (such as GDPR), and incur a fine. In extreme cases, this can cost millions – enough to bankrupt many companies.

Simply deleting files before disposal won’t ensure the security and complete removal of this information. It is vital to ensure the data on any end-of-life electronics has been professionally removed. This will guarantee it is 100% erased and unrecoverable and cannot compromise you, your business, your customers or your employees.

There are also environmental benefits to consider. Due to the toxic chemicals it contains, e-Waste is one of the biggest environmental problems the world is facing today. Through recycling or repurposing your old electronic equipment, you can help limit the demand on the raw materials needed to produce new electronic items. Even if parts can’t be used to make other electronics, many of the components found in computers and laptops can be recycled into new products.

It is important to note that our e-waste service doesn’t extend to white goods like microwaves, washing machines or fridges. To find out more about which electronic waste items Shred-X recycles, get in contact today.

Computer Recycling Australia-Wide

Across Australia, Shred-X is proud to deliver high-quality computer destruction and recycling solutions to businesses and government organisations. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while retrieving valuable materials, we deliver a thorough service that ensures the complete eradication of data from all of your electronic products.

If you need to recycle e-waste, choose Shred-X for a straightforward, convenient and professional service. From Brisbane City to Hobart, below is a list of all the places we operate:

Brisbane and South East Queensland
Townsville and North Queensland
Sydney and New South Wales
Melbourne and Victoria
Perth and Western Australia
Canberra and the ACT
Adelaide and South Australia
Darwin and the Northern Territory
Hobart and Tasmania

E-Waste FAQS

How do I dispose of laptops safely?

Simply throwing old computers away in kerbside, general or recycling waste is not a solution which safeguards the confidential information contained on the device, nor is it environmentally sustainable. There are two important factors to be considered in the disposal of old IT devices:

  • legalities around the protection of confidential information, and
  • preservation of the environment.

Secure disposal of e-Waste is a legal requirement: The Australian Privacy Act (1988) and GDPR laws mandate the protection of personal information, which means that the onus is on a business to ensure that any data contained in e-Waste items is securely destroyed.

Appropriate, safe disposal of e-Waste is environmentally ethical: The physical disposal of any e-Waste should take place in an environmentally sustainable manner. Electronic items which are simply discarded in general waste, end up in landfill where they can leak harmful toxins and chemicals into the soil and water, with devastating effects on local communities and wildlife.

By partnering with Shred-X, you can rest assured that both legal and environmental requirements are met when disposing of old IT equipment. Shred-X provides a complete range of e-waste and IT asset destruction and recycling solutions customised to your specific requirements to ensure that you not only protect your business & information but also adhere to your environmental sustainability responsibilities.

What do I do with an old laptop or computer?

If you have recently upgraded technology, you may be tempted to dispose of your devices in general waste or recycling. However these options put your (and your customer’s) information at risk and are not environmentally friendly solutions.

Australian and international laws govern businesses to ensure the protection of confidential information. Therefore, data-holding devices such as computers and laptops should be disposed of safely – with all confidential data, professionally and securely removed.

Furthermore, on 1 July 2019 the Victorian Government banned all e-Waste from going into landfill, with other states due to follow suit.

Contact your closest Shred-X facility for a secure e-waste recovery and destruction solution which will ensure both the integrity of your confidential information and also provide environmentally ethical recycling and repurposing solutions.

Before the secure recycling drop of your old laptops or computers, it is recommended that all files and data be appropriately backed up. Shred-X can help you achieve this, so ask us about our digitising and back up services.

What is Computer Recycling?

Computer recycling is the process of disassembling computers and computer accessories which have reached the end of their useful life, and recycling the components and materials into commodities and product parts. For example, copper, aluminium, lead and gold commonly found in computer components can typically be used in the construction of new electronics. These metals are becoming increasingly rare, which makes recycling a smart and sustainable choice for disposing of old electronics or e-Waste. Computer recycling also ensures that any hazardous materials are properly disposed of in a safe way so they don’t come in contact with people or the environment.

How are computers and laptops recycled?

Once Shred-X has securely removed all confidential information contained on your computer equipment, we work with our electronic recycling partners who recover components such as plastic, glass and precious metals which can be recycled or repurposed into new commodities and product parts. Non-data holding items such as a keyboard, mouse or cables can be reused giving them second or third lives.

It is important to note that not all computer recyclers offer a service which securely destroys the information contained on the device before the asset is recycled. Be sure to check with your e-waste recycling service provider whether secure removal of confidential data is a service they guarantee.