Decommissioning Data Centres

Decommissioning a data centre or server room requires the consideration of many elements. Partnering with a provider who understands the complexities is essential.

The Shred-X Solution includes:

  • Decommissioning assets and equipment
  • Bar code scanning and recording of devices / equipment
  • Secure Collection process with complete tracking
  • Secure Certified Destruction of devices & assets containing data
  • Ethical & Sustainable Recycling
  • Detailed Verification Reporting
  • Certificate of Destruction


Decommissioning Data Centres


  • Highest industry certifications
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • National infrastructure guarantees direct service provision
  • GDPR & Australian Privacy Law Compliant Collection & Destruction mitigating risk associated with data breaches


  • Onsite or Facility-Based Certified Destruction providing customised high security options
  • Fully trained and experienced Federal Police Cleared Personnel
  • Complete solution saves times, money & ensures chain of custody is maintained

FAQs of Decommissioning Data

What is data centre decommissioning?

Data centre decommissioning is the process of securely disassembling and removing all IT assets within a data centre, followed by securely destroying all devices which contain data. Businesses perform data centre decommissions for a multitude of reasons, from the upgrading of technology to the moving or closing of a business venture.

What is Shred-X’s data centre decommissioning process?

We follow a strict 6-step process to decommission data centres:
1. Personnel – Our team of Federal Police-cleared staff arrive onsite to begin the dismantling process.
2. Transportation – The decommissioned assets are transported in a locked, GPS tracked vehicle to the closest Shred-X facility.
3. Asset verification – Shred-X facilities are alarmed and monitored via 24hour HD CCTV and SCEC approved locking systems. Prior to physical destruction a serial number recording and verification process is completed.
4. Separation – The asset’s components are separated to meet destruction, recycling or repurposing requirements.
5. Destruction – The assets are securely destroyed and Shred-X will provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.
6. Recycling and repurposing – Precious metals and components are recycled or repurposed into usable commodities and parts.
Our highest industry accreditations and attention to detail ensure your data centre decommission will be administered smoothly, safely and securely. As the industry experts in end-of-life IT asset management, partner with Shred-X to guarantee your business and your client’s confidential information is safely and securely destroyed.
For more information about our data centre decommissioning services, call us today on 1300 747 339 or contact us online.

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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.