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Med-X Healthcare Solutions

Powered by Shred-X, Med-X is certified to handle,
collect and treat highly infectious waste, including
COVID-19 PPE, clinical and related material.

Should you require this service, contact your local
Shred-X (1300 747 339) or Med-X (1300 116 339) office, or
click below to visit the Med-X website for further information. 

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Ask us to complete a privacy assessment of your business. Our experienced team will be able to devise a tailored solution to ensure you’re compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Notifiable Data Breach (NDB)

Failure to uphold the obligations of the NDB will result in heavy consequences. If there’s an eligible data breach and no notifications are sent, the penalty can reach $1.7 million for organisations and $340,000 for individuals.

Secure destruction that won’t cost the earth

Collecting over 30,000 tonnes of paper annually

Recycling 98.5% of all shredded paper into paper products

Innovative recycling solutions

Compliance is Paramount

We maintain the highest industry certifications to ensure you comply with the Privacy Act



We recover 98.5% of paper materials collected, a cycle that aids in protecting Australia’s future in both security and sustainability.

NAID AAA Certification

naid-aaa-certificationShred-X is the ONLY Australian secure destruction company with national AAA certification at all sites and a company owned destruction facility in every state of Australia








e-DESTRUCTION - (hacked title)

e-Waste destruction & recycling

Did you know 1 gigabite of hard drive space can hold the same amount of sensitive information as 400 archive boxes

Shred-X are the end of life asset management specialists

Recover Your Space & Get Peace of Mind

Customised archive destruction solutions

Assurance that your old archives are permanently destroyed

National Footprint & Complete Chain of Custody

Shred-X is the only ANZ owned company providing a direct service throughout Australia

We have local teams in each state ready to assist you


Make sure no-one knows your business in your next office cleanout by disposing of your e-waste and sensitive information the right way.

Our friendly team at Shred-X are here to help you find the right shredding solution for your business.


Quick enquiry? No problem.

We respect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy has more details.

E-Waste & Data Destruction

When it comes time to throw out anything electronic, consider what happens to the sensitive data that device has held. Ensure your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands and get your data destroyed by Shred-X.

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Document Destruction & Paper Shredding

When disposing of sensitive documents, it’s imperative that all information is destroyed in the most secure way possible. Not only to protect your business and customers, but it’s also the law.

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Product & Uniform Destruction

If you have a product, liquid or textile requiring disposal, consider the protection of your brand, business or organisation and contact Shred-X for a complete and secure solution.

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Secure Document Destruction & E-Waste Recycling Services


Keep your Business Secure

Stop Identity Theft


Save Time & Money


Customised paper document shredding solutions

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  • Hard drives
  • Floppy discs
  • Audio reel-to-reel tapes
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  • Uniforms & other clothing
  • Contraband / seized items
  • Recalled products & promotional material
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  • Office cleanouts
  • e-Waste management plan
  • Environmental & Ethical Recycling
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  • Waste paper management plan
  • Sustainable recovery & recycling
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  • Big or small archive box destruction solutions
  • Office relocations and cleanouts
  • Pallet destruction
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Why Choose Shred-X?

Privacy breaches are increasingly putting individuals and organisations at risk. Partnering with Shred-X ensures you comply with your legal obligations by employing a complete information protection policy. The core business of Shred-X is secure destruction with its focus being on customer service, privacy compliance, security and recycling.

Shred-X has secure destruction facilities and direct servicing capabilities throughout Australia and is nationally recognized with the highest industry accreditations including NAID AAA, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO27001, PCI DSS and Cm3. Shred-X offer a Privacy Act compliant service for the collection, transportation and destruction of sensitive data and is the largest core business secure destruction provider in Australia with the most extensive direct service coverage in the industry.

From paper document shredding, media and hard drives through to clothing and product destruction, our industrial-grade shredders are built to handle various materials, making them suitable for use across a range of industries. Shred-X services are designed to assist you with meeting the requirements of Australian privacy legislation, which requires confidential information to be disposed of securely. As the Privacy Professionals, Shred-X can assist you in understanding legislative and industry guidelines.

For more information, please visit our Why Shred page or contact us now.

Certifications & Industry Memberships

Shred-X is associated with and accredited by a number of national and international agencies in the secure destruction and security industries

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