e-Waste Recycling

In today’s business environment, having the latest equipment is key to staying competitive. Failing to implement updated technology can put your organisation at risk of being surpassed by competitors. This is where e-waste recycling can come in handy.

What Is E-Waste Recycling?

E-waste recycling is the process for dealing with electronic devices once they have reached the end of their ‘useful’ life. Depending on the size of your business and the industry you work in, you may find yourself with vast amounts of obsolete equipment. Computers slow

E-Waste Recycling

down, technology advances, monitors need upgrading, and photocopiers get phased out for newer models. Even compact items like CDs and phones can take up valuable storage space. Many of these items can be recycled rather than ending up in landfill.

What E-Waste Is Accepted?

Shred-X can dismantle and recycle a range of electronic items. To help you understand how versatile our e-waste disposal services are, these are just some of the materials we can recycle:


You might be tempted to throw your old electronics away or give them to an electronics recycler. This practice, can put your security at risk. Even if you think you’ve deleted all the data from your devices, preventing your private information from being compromised isn’t that simple. Shred-X ensure the information that may be on your device is completely destroyed.

What to Do With Old Computers

If you’re thinking of putting your PC out with the rubbish, think twice about the kind of information that could be stored on its hard drive. There are also environmental factors to consider. Did you know that up to 99% of a computer’s components can be reused? Don’t let such a recyclable product end up in the bin when it could be put to use elsewhere. By partnering with Shred-X for the end of life management of your IT equipment , you can be confident that you’re protecting not only the environment but also your privacy.

Why Do I Need to Properly Dispose of My Laptop?

Apart from the risk that a carelessly discarded laptop can pose to your privacy, these kind of devices are also known for leaking hazardous materials. After being thrown away, your laptop’s toxins could seep into any surrounding soil and waterways, causing serious environmental damage. This is why it’s crucial to dispose of your laptop via a secure e-waste recycling service.

Other E-Waste Recycling Services

In addition to recycling PCs and laptops, Shred-X also provides the following e-waste disposal services:

  • End-of-life IT asset management
  • Media destruction
  • Hard drive scanning, destruction and degaussing
  • Solid state drive destruction

What Happens After E-Waste Has Been Collected?

The Shred-X team can be trusted to appropriately handle any items you no longer need. After collecting your equipment in one of our alarmed, locked & GPS tracked vehicles, our federal-police cleared and security vetted personnel will securely dismantle the e-waste as required under strict security conditions and 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Any components that contain data will be destroyed either by degaussing (hard drives only) or physical destruction (we can physically destroy items such as solid state drives and digital media).

Once the destruction process is complete, we will recycle the separate components. If sustainability is important to you, you can be sure that our recycling processes are undertaken in the most ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Modernising your organisation will unavoidably result in significant e-waste, but Shred-X can help you manage this issue in a convenient, environmentally sustainable way. To find out more about Shred-X’s e-waste destruction and recycling services, contact our team today.

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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.