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Product Destruction

Protecting your Brand identity

Designed to protect your company reputation and brand identity, the Shred-X product destruction solution guarantees the removal of items you do not want in public circulation. Our industrial shredders can securely destroy a range of products – whether these are obsolete or recalled products, warranty repairs, prototypes, or confiscated goods, we will take care of your excess stock.

Remove the risk

Discarding old or confidential products or marketing collateral in general waste is not a safe means of disposal. While a general waste stream is readily available, it is also easily accessible by anyone so using this method for product disposal can have serious reputational or even health & safety consequences. Additionally,  proprietary product, brand or company information can be exposed, making your business intelligence vulnerable to the competition.

Privacy legislation is also a consideration. Federal laws require businesses to destroy materials that contain sensitive materials. If the kind of product you produce could jeopardise someone’s privacy, you are required to dispose of it securely. Failing to do so can result in substantial financial penalties.

Shred-X can complete a privacy assessment tailored to your business and deliver comprehensive secure destruction solutions based on your requirements, removing any risk to your business. To learn more about our secure product destruction, contact our knowledgeable team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

keeping unsafe toys off the market

Every year, Shred-X play an important role in keeping unsafe toys and products off the market. Watch the video from 7 News as the Shred-X onsite destruction vehicle shreds unsafe toys which were seized from shelves and warehouse raids across the country, in the lead up to Christmas 2021.


Manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters all use Shred-X to destroy products they do not want in the market. Coverage of Atari’s landfill nightmare highlights the risks involved in discarding these products via general waste streams and not enlisting the services of a certified secure destruction professional.

As with all Shred-X services a security vetted, Federal-police cleared Shred-X customer service representative will collect your material for destruction in our locked, alarmed and GPS tracked vehicles to the closest Shred-X secure destruction facility. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued to confirm that your items have been destroyed in the appropriate manner and will not reappear in landfill.

We guarantee total confidence in our services.

Product Destruction FAQs

Why should old products be destroyed?

Some businesses only learn of the urgency of product destruction once it’s too late. Toll was left red-faced when an ex-employee performed a racist tirade on video, costing the delivery chain major clients. Several years earlier, Atari was caught out after they ‘destroyed’ copies of their heavily criticised E.T. game by dumping them in landfill.  These  were unearthed reviving the company’s 30-year-old PR problems.

Both cases show why sensitive products and clothing need to be handled securely – and why landfill is not a secure means of protection. Only Shred-X’s complete product destruction service can guarantee the protection of your business, organisation or brand.

What products can Shred-X destroy?

Our facilities are equipped to securely destroy a range of products, including ID badges, corporate credit cards, branded merchandise, product prototypes, recalled, contraband or counterfeit products, electronic devices – to name a few – we guarantee complete confidence in the secure destruction of all items.

Regardless of the product or service you provide, protecting the exclusivity and reputation of your brand is crucial.

Why shouldn't I throw old products away in general waste?

Simply discarding old products, samples and textiles in general waste can place your brand’s reputation at risk. Aside from the negative environmental impacts of general disposal, when company products, uniforms or marketing collateral reach a waste and recycling centre, your business is at risk of unauthorised use of these items by unknown individuals (or even criminals), bearing your brand . Shred-X provide a secure destruction service for any product, all textiles and personalised uniforms to ensure your brand is protected to the highest standard.