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IT Value Recovery

E-waste Repurposing

While e-Waste recycling is a positive disposal method ensuring that precious metals and components are recycled, an alternative sustainable option is to repurpose or reuse IT assets.

Non-data holding electronic items such as a keyboard, mouse or cables, can be reused either within your business, or externally giving them second and third lives. For electronic assets containing data, repurposing of the asset is possible and can be performed after a process called data sanitisation is complete.

Our e-Waste repurposing alternatives deliver a compliant, sustainable solution to your end of life asset management plan, and one which can also be integrated into your business’s corporate social responsibility projects.



asset buyback

The Shred-X range of e-Waste and IT asset destruction solutions are designed primarily to protect your confidential information. However, an added-value benefit of partnering with Shred-X is the positive impact of our IT repurposing initiatives. Once all data on your assets has been securely and certifiably removed, we issue an itemised data erasure report and Certificate of Destruction. Thereafter, the asset may be refurbished, reused and (depending on the device’s model, age and condition) some of its value may be recovered through an asset buyback option.

Guaranteed Value

Shred-X carefully analyse your assets to present you with the best offer, enabling you to recoup a percentage of your valuable IT investment. Alternatively, some of our clients have chosen to donate their Asset Buyback amount to a nominated charity, as a part of their corporate responsibility program.

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