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Document Destruction


At Shred-X, secure document destruction is one of our core solutions. For over 20 years, we have delivered certified and secure disposal of confidential documents and intellectual property. We understand that privacy of your organisation’s confidential information is paramount, as is protecting your stakeholders from data security breaches or identity theft.


Australia’s Privacy Laws state that all businesses must take reasonable steps to destroy personal information. Financial penalties apply if you fail to act in accordance with this legislation. Therefore, when disposing of any confidential paper-based material such as archived contracts, invoices, bank statements, tax returns, or payslips, it’s imperative that these be destroyed by authorised and secure document destruction services. A secure document destruction solution will protect your business against potential data breaches, and aid your company in remaining compliant to Privacy Legislation.


Shred-X guarantees 100% secure and certified document shredding services to give our clients total confidence in the work we do. Our ultimate aim is to ensure the destruction of your information, with absolutely no chance your information could be compromised. To ensure this is the case, we offer the highest security standards for information destruction and adhere to strict policies and procedures detailed by our NAID AAA certification.

Protect your business and customers by partnering with a certified secure destruction services provider. As an additional safety precaution, Shred-X can organise to have your paper documents digitised and backed up prior to disposal – in case you need to retrieve any files in future. This service has given many organisations the opportunity to spring clean their old documents and update their storage systems in the process.

Whether you require an archive box and office cleanout or document shredding, Shred-X will customise a secure, reliable and timely service to suit your requirements.

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Archives/Office Cleanouts

Paper Shredding

Australia-Wide Document Shredding Service

In all states and territories across Australia, Shred-X is proud to deliver high-quality document destruction solutions. If your business or organisation needs a discrete and secure service to dispose of sensitive information, we are the team to trust. From Perth to the Gold Coast, our business operates at the highest level of security, ensuring that your confidential papers are effectively destroyed and disposed of.

We operate in:

Brisbane and South East Queensland
Townsville and North Queensland
Sydney and New South Wales
Melbourne and Victoria
Perth and Western Australia
Canberra and the ACT
Adelaide and South Australia
Darwin and the Northern Territory
Hobart and Tasmania

One of the key features of Shred-X’s destruction service is our focus on security and confidentiality. We use state-of-the-art shredding equipment to ensure that all sensitive documents are completely destroyed and cannot be reconstructed. We also have strict security procedures in place to protect documents throughout the destruction process, including secure bins and transportation, and tracking of documents from pickup to destruction.

Shred-X supplies a range of secure document disposal services to meet the needs of different businesses in possession of confidential data. For example, depending on our customer’s preference, we offer both on-site and off-site shredding. On-site shredding involves one of our mobile shredding trucks visiting your location and shredding the documents on-site, while off-site shredding involves the confidential documents being transported to a secure Shred-X facility for destruction.

At Shred-X, we pride ourselves on delivering a straightforward and convenient service, with no hidden fees or complicated disclaimers. If your business needs to eliminate confidential documents, get in touch today!


Shred-X operations were born in the paper recovery industry as our sister company, Australian Paper Recycling, functioned as an agent for the Amcor Paper Mill in Brisbane. By adopting their techniques, equipment and culture relating to paper recovery, Shred-X now processes over 50,000 tonnes of paper for recycling per year, which is used to make washroom paper products and recycled office paper.

Environmental accountability is at the forefront of everything we do. When you partner with us to have your documents securely destroyed, we provide your company with an Environmental Impact Statement outlining your positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

Benefits of Partnering with Shred-X


Complete solution saves time, money & ensures chain of custody is maintained


Highest industry certifications


Compliance with legislative requirements


Fully trained and experienced Federal Police Cleared Personnel


GDPR & Australian Privacy Law Compliant Collection & Destruction mitigating risk associated with data breaches


On-site or Facility-Based Certified Destruction providing customised high security options


National infrastructure guarantees direct service provision