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Most businesses use and store paper for their sensitive information however any meeting notes, profitable concepts or bank statements you store could pose a risk to your business if stolen. Particularly when disposing of sensitive documents, it’s imperative that all information is destroyed in the most secure way possible not only to protect your business and customers but it’s also the law.

We ensure you and your company comply with the Privacy Act’s requirements including the new Notifiable Data Breach laws for the total destruction of all personal information.

Document Destruction & Recycling Services


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We strive to deliver the most secure and trustworthy information destruction service possible. So we’re proud to say that our methods have the highest possible rating offered by the NAID, with AAA certification.

The Importance of Document Destruction

Document destruction is essential for any business, but not just for protecting sensitive information. In fact, it’s governed under federal law that businesses completely destroy sensitive information, rather than simply throwing it in the bin. Shred-X can help by ensuring all of your information destruction meets the Privacy Act and new Notifiable Data Breach laws, avoiding possible litigation and fines.

The Shred-X Document Destruction Process

Our ultimate aim is to ensure the destruction of your information, with absolutely no chance your information could be compromised. To ensure this is the case, we have strict policies and procedures in place with the recycling partners we work with, our delivery methods and destruction procedures.

Document Destruction Services

If you have documents, archives or any other paper material you’re looking to have removed, protect your business and customers by partnering with a certified secure destruction provider. Shred-X offers the highest security standards for information destruction and can help you meet your environmental responsibility goals with our closed loop recycling program. To find out how Shred-X can help your business, contact our team today.

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