Paper Recycling Services

Shred-X offers nationwide document destruction and paper recycling services. Through our Australian Paper Recycling initiative, we are able to repurpose 98.5% of all paper products.

If you’re not sure whether to recycle or destroy your documents, Shred-X can help you decide which method of paper disposal would best suit your needs.

What Is Paper Recycling?

A paper recycling service is very different from a secure document destruction service. Paper recycling involves collecting, baling (a process that prepares paper for transport), and shipping paper to mills in Australia and overseas. After reaching its destination, the paper can then be repurposed into other products. Designed to help you achieve environmental best practice, our paper recycling service can reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s important to note that this service is not designed to protect your privacy. Conversely, our document destruction service offers a more secure disposal method. If you need to get rid of paper materials containing sensitive information, shredding them is the only option. Shred-X complies with strict regulations regarding the destruction of documents, so you can trust us with your confidential data.

Keep in mind that personal information can be as simple as hard copies of emails, orders, accounts and handwritten notes from client meetings and phone calls. Once the paper documents have been shredded, Shred-X partner with local paper mills, such as Australian Paper where the shredded paper is recycled into the Reflex brand of copy paper.shred-x-advantage

Who We Work With

Our customer base has grown to include  large printing companies, government organisations, and smaller owner-operator businesses. Shred-X’s nationwide paper recycling and document destruction services can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations, allowing us to provide enhanced security and improved environmental benefits for each and every customer.

How Our Paper Recycling Service Works

No matter how much paper you need to dispose of, our paper recycling service won’t impact your daily business operations. To help you maximise your environmental sustainability, we endeavour to make recycling easy.australian-paper-recycling

The goal of Australian Paper Recycling is to supply innovative and environmentally friendly services to businesses and corporations in order for them to better manage their recyclable and non-sensitive paper waste.

If you have non-sensitive paper products to recycle, our paper recycling service can be customised to meet your requirements. If you have sensitive or confidential information to destroy, our Shred-X secure destruction service is the perfect choice.

If you’re trying to minimise your impact on the environment, Shred-X is the perfect provider for all your paper recycling needs. To learn more about our paper recycling and document destruction services, contact our friendly team today.

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