DoD Standard Hard Drive Sanitisation

Shred-X offer a range of data destruction solutions including DoD Standard Sanitisation of hard drives. Hard drive sanitisation is also referred to as data wiping and data erasure.

DoD Standard Sanitisation is the Highest Military Grade data wiping solution and involves a multiple pass procedure designed to ensure that data cannot be retrieved through commercially available data recovery processes. Overwriting is a common data removal process which simply overwrites hard drive storage with patterns of all zeros however overwriting does not completely destroy all of the data and can result in data (yours, your customer’s or your business information) being recovered. DoD standard sanitisation is a verified process that overwrites hard disk drives (HDDs) with patterns of ones and zeros through a multiple 3 or 7 step process followed by certified verification.


Benefits of Shred-X DoD Standard Sanitisation:

  1. Highest Standard Military Grade data wiping solution means complete peace of mind for you
  2. Certificate of Destruction for each asset provides you with verification of all data removal
  3. Once the sanitisation process is complete assets are still in whole form for reuse, recycling or physical destruction
Decommissioning Data Centres

FAQs of DoD Hard Drive Sanitisation

How to Wipe a Hard Drive

Simply deleting files from your hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSDs) does not guarantee that all confidential information and sensitive data is removed. Research studies have illustrated that personal identifiable data can still be recovered from hard drives post ‘DIY’ wiping methods.
A professional secure destruction solution by Shred-X will ensure all data on solid-state and hard drives is completely removed and rendered irretrievable.
Hard drive degaussing exposes the drive to a force of magnetic waves, rendering the drive and the data unusable. Degaussing will not destroy data on a SSD or USB as these are not magnetic devices. These devices require Hard drive sanitisation which is a multiple step Military grade wiping solution to ensure the data is completely destroyed.

What is the best way to erase a hard drive?

In addition to software-based methods of data removal, physical hard drive destruction or shredding is another solution offered by Shred-X. While there may be DIY destruction ideas on the web, they raise serious security, safety and environmental concerns and can pose the risk to your business of breaching Australian and international privacy laws.
Shred-X ensure you and your business remain compliant and guarantee the highest level of industry accreditation in the destruction, recycling or repurposing of your device.

What is DoD data destruction?

The term “DoD data destruction” or “DoD wipe” simply refers to the data destruction standards and methods proposed by the Department of Defence. The process of DoD wiping is the highest level of data erasure provided if you or your business wish to reuse or repurpose your device. However, if a drive has reached the end of its useful life, Shred-X also provide a dual service of DoD standard sanitisation followed by physical destruction of the device, guaranteeing all data is irretrievable and the device is environmentally disposed of.

What is Shred-X’s DoD Hard Drive Sanitisation process?

Shred-X’s process for DoD hard drive sanitation:
1. Personnel – Federal-Police cleared Shred-X personnel collect your assets from your location.
2. Transportation – Your devices will be transported in a locked and GPS tracked vehicle to the closest Shred-X facility.
3. Arrival at facility – Shred-X facilities are alarmed and monitored with 24 hour HD CCTV and SCEC approved locking systems.
4. Sanitisation – Prior to sanitising, number recording and verification process is completed. DoD Standard Sanitisation ensures all data is erased through a multiple step process.
5. Destruction – Depending on client requirements the assets are either physically destroyed or repurposed. Following sanitising and/or destruction, Shred-X will provide a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.
6. Recycling and repurposing – Precious metals and components are recycled or repurposed into usable commodities and parts.
Trust Shred-X to protect you, your customer’s and your businesses confidential data, for a NAID AAA-certified service, contact Shred-X.

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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.