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Clothing & Textiles


uniform & clothing destruction

As with product destruction, the Shred-X uniform & clothing shredding solution is designed to protect your brand, and keep proprietary company material out of public circulation. Obsolete uniforms and branded clothing should be kept out of the general waste stream to prevent unauthorised use of these materials bearing your company brand and associated reputation.

Furthermore, if your company has undergone a rebrand, outdated uniforms can dilute expensive marketing strategies. Shred-X guarantees the complete destruction of clothing with our industrial-grade shredders, which are designed to destroy large quantities of material. Shred-X regularly destroy:

  • Police & emergency service uniforms
  • Security firm uniforms
  • Corporate logo uniforms
  • Designer branded clothing
  • Counterfeit fashion items

secure PROCESSes

Many clothing distributors and designers throughout Australia rely on Shred-X to destroy counterfeit products, unapproved samples and excess shipments, for the guaranteed security and convenience of our solution. Federal Police-cleared and security vetted personnel will collect and transport the materials requiring destruction, in an alarmed and GPS-tracked vehicle to the nearest Shred-X facility. Our facilities are locked, alarmed and under 24-hour HD CCTV surveillance. Once the materials are securely shredded, a Certificate of Destruction is provided as confirmation of the complete chain of custody which has been maintained. Shred-X also offer witnessed destruction should this be required.

We can customise this service to suit your needs, providing you with tailored shredding solutions. To learn more about our clothing and uniform shredding service, please contact Shred-X today.


Australia currently sends over 500,000 tonnes of fabric & textiles to landfill per annum.

Born from the paper recovery industry, Shred-X has a lifelong commitment to minimising environmental impact, actively working towards building resilient infrastructure and promoting sustainable industrialisation. As such Shred-X continues to develop collaborative partnerships to foster innovation in textile recycling solutions, with the objective of landfill diversion whenever and wherever possible.


Our product stewardship partnerships are developing innovative solutions to repurpose securely shredded fabrics & textiles into reusable products and commodities and even Biofuel. With our national footprint of processing facilities, Shred-X is committed to supporting these innovations to create a true circular economy, and in turn assist companies in achieving their sustainability targets.

Uniform & Textile destruction FAQs

What should I do with company branded uniforms?

Secure Uniform disposal is essential for any business that has changed the design of their logo, had employees leave or where new uniforms have been issued, as it prevents misrepresentation or defamation to the service the uniform represents. It also stops criminals from using the uniforms for identity theft purposes.

Uniform destruction should be a top priority when considering brand protection. With the highest accreditations and strictest textile destruction policies and procedures, Shred-X can destroy old uniforms securely.

What kind of fabrics can Shred-X destroy?

Shred-X can destroy a wide range of textiles, including uniforms, linen, and synthetic fibres and more. If you’re not sure whether the textiles you need to dispose of are suitable for our destruction service, our friendly team is available to advise you on the best course of action. We can complete a privacy assessment tailored to your business needs, so you know exactly what steps to take to ensure complete brand protection.

What other products can Shred-X destroy?

In addition to textile items, our facilities are equipped to securely destroy a range of products. From electronic devices and sensitive documents, to recalled, contraband and counterfeit products, we guarantee complete confidence in the secure destruction of all items.

Regardless of the product or service you provide, protecting the exclusivity  and reputation of your brand is crucial.

Why Uniform Destruction is important

Anyone who holds a branded uniform or piece of apparel has the power to represent your brand in the public eye. Back in 2017, Toll lost a major client as a result of an ex-employee falsely representing the values of their brand in the media. This individual was recorded delivering racist statements at an ex-parliament member, while wearing his former employer’s uniform.

As significant as it was for Toll, the implications of not destroying unneeded uniforms can be far worse than losing a single client. A negative representation of your brand could cost your business a significant amount of revenue – enough to halt your business’s operations.

To ensure your business isn’t put at risk of being falsely represented, defamed, or otherwise tarnished in the public eye, it’s essential you destroy all uniforms and products no longer needed. And for the most secure destruction possible, book Shred-X for an onsite destruction service.

How does the product and textile destruction process work?

Our product and textile destruction process is 100% secure. We use GPS-tracked vehicles to transport items from your home or business to your nearest Shred-X facility. Your items will remain in a locked container until they’re ready for processing. Once they’ve been shredded, you’ll be provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

Find out more about our textile and product destruction services by contacting our team online or by calling 1300 747 339.

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