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Uniforms are an integral part of many Australian businesses. From local retail to the frontline of our national security, a uniform associates a person with the values and qualities of the organisation.

Unfortunately, they can also pose severe risks to your business – should they fall into the wrong hands. And to prove it, we’ve prepared our top 3 reasons to have your old uniforms securely destroyed.

Identity Theft

How many regular suppliers does your business have accounts with? For most companies, it’s quite a few.

A case of company identity theft is not too hard to imagine – someone walks into your supplier’s store wearing your branded uniform and places an order on behalf of your business. When it’s ready, they collect the goods, and your business is left holding the bill.

Brand Reputation

riot with police in uniform

Unfortunately, this has happened to businesses time and again: an employee holds a uniform after completion of their role, and a single incident captured in public tarnishes your business and your brand for years to come. Take the example where a former Toll employee was filmed racially abusing a politician in a Melbourne bar, while wearing the uniform of his former employer. Aside from the damage to Toll’s brand reputation, a major client of the company cancelled their account, costing Toll a major stream of revenue.

Security Risks

police in uniforms

Depending on your security measures, uniforms may be all someone needs to gain access to a multitude of restricted areas. From construction sites to public medical facilities, someone bearing the branding of your business uniform becomes inconspicuous in a busy environment. Should they gain access to your data, your operations or even your equipment, the cost of the reputational and physical damage and loss that may ensue, is incalculable.

How To Avoid These 3 Risks through Uniform Recycling & Destruction

When an employee leaves the business, it’s imperative that not only are all security and access passes retrieved, but any branded uniforms or products be recovered and securely destroyed.

Have Your Uniforms Securely Destroyed

Don’t risk reputational harm to your business. Have uniforms shredded and destroyed either onsite or via collection with Shred-X or call 1300 747 339 to find out more about our uniform shredding services.