International e-Waste Day

International e-Waste Day

International e-Waste Day To honour one of the most significant issues facing the age of information, the 13th of October marks the first  International e-Waste Recycling Day. The initiative was founded by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum –...
I Know Where Your Cat Lives

I Know Where Your Cat Lives only scratches the surface of online privacy. Replace those harmless images of cats with yourself, your parents, your kids, new bling, new toys, etc. For a wannabe criminal it becomes very easy to determine your lifestyle, material...

Don’t Cover Up Breaches

At the 2014 iappANZ Summit in Sydney, Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim delivered a stern warning for those attempting to conceal a breach. In the lead up to the annual Privacy Summit, International Association of Privacy Professionals ANZ (iappANZ) CEO...

Online Security Threats

The theme of this past week (as it should every week) is ‘Stay on top of your IT Security’. In response to the discovery of the Bourne Again shell (BASH) vulnerability, the Privacy Commissioner has issued a warning to all businesses to not ignore your obligations or...


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