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The idea of removing digital clutter from a business makes sense for numerous reasons. While we tend to think of the concept of removing clutter solely with regard to physical needs (shredding old papers and such), digital clutter is just as important to address. Doing so can keep outdated or useless files from clogging up operations and making things unorganised. Additionally, it can help to eliminate the security threat of potentially sensitive information winding up in the wrong hands.

Expanding on those ideas, here are a few specific reasons to consider addressing digital clutter….

Data Breaches Are Growing More Common

past article we posted about data breaches in 2019 pointed out that they are in fact a growing problem. 2019 was the “worst year on record for global data breaches.” This can be attributed in part to digital clutter. If data breaches are becoming more common, then your business is inevitably more vulnerable to them. And the more information you have stored digitally, the greater that vulnerability really is. Clutter provides more opportunities for nefarious actors to get their hands on valuable information.

Expenses Can Mount Up

People don’t often think of removing digital clutter in terms of expense. But depending on what programs and applications you’re using, and how big the job is, it can become an issue. Salvador Rodrigues wrote a post for CNBCt regarding emails suggesting that long-time Gmail users can actually exceed the (seemingly limitless) free storage Google provides – and wind up having to pay for more. This is only one example, but it’s the sort of thing to look out for. Even if it seems like you have endless digital storage, allowing old files to mount up can ultimately lead to unforeseen expenses.

Organisation is a Timesaver

We usually think about “getting organised” in a vague sense. In this way we almost devalue it. Really though, organisation is an important thing to strive for, both for individuals and for businesses. In a piece on “timesavers,” Verizon Connect’s Taylor Fasulas discussed organisation as a way of “making wasted search time a thing of the past,” and this is something to consider with regard to digital clutter. Basically, the fewer extraneous files, emails, etc. you have on hand, the less time you’ll have to spend looking for what you actually need. This saved time can add up in a meaningful and positive way.

Digital Clutter Can Stress You Out

There’s a mental wellbeing component to this whole idea also. It’s well understood that physical clutter can affect us negatively. And Kelly Oakes’ discussion on digital clutter for the BBC indicates that researchers see the same issues with excess digital files. Letting things pile up — physically or digitally can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is bad for both personal wellbeing and business.

For all of these reasons, it’s clear that you should make removing digital clutter a priority. Doing so will make you more secure, better organised, and more efficient, and may just relieve some stress as well. If this all sounds valuable to you, Shred-X is ready to help you get started.

Guest Article by Joia Bickston