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Some threats to a company’s integrity are as obvious as they come, such as sensitive data being stolen and leaked. However, some of the risks your company faces aren’t quite as clear and are often overlooked.

For most businesses, recovery and destruction of uniforms isn’t exactly top of the list when employees come or go. In fact, it’s all too common that businesses will let former employees keep their old work uniforms, because the company doesn’t need them anymore. But as Toll learned recently, leaving your branded uniforms with former staff can be one of the greatest risks on the list.

Toll’s past employee controversy

The incident involved a former staff member of Toll, wearing his ex-work shirt in a viral video where he harassed former senator Sam Dastyari in a racist tirade. Not long after, Toll obtained a court order to have the uniforms of their former employee confiscated and destroyed. This followed reports a major client of Toll’s for 18 years had cancelled a contract on the basis that they couldn’t support a business harbouring racists.

It was later released that despite agreeing to return his Toll uniform, he instead chose to lend it to another right-wing activist, who was caught and photographed in a Toll uniform clashing with other protesters in Melbourne.

It’s safe to say this incident is one that damaged the reputation and business of Toll, and should have been avoided from the outset.

Don’t risk damaging your reputation

Even employees with exceptional histories, who you’d completely trust with respecting the integrity of your company, shouldn’t be left with uniforms. Accidents can occur to a former staff member wearing company property, which may not set the company in the best light.

If your former staff member were to wear anything related to your business, they may affect your integrity by engaging in:

  • A bar fight or incident
  • A traffic incident
  • Any political rally or protest
  • Disorderly conduct.

How do I keep my company safe?

It’s important to have a plan in place for any eventual turnover of staff. To do so, ensure you secure any and all:

  • ID badges
  • Branded merchandise
  • Uniform items and apparel
  • Any other branded or recognisable equipment.

Once secured, Shred-X’s complete destruction methods can guarantee that anyone who threatens to cause harm, either intentionally or unintentionally, is unable to. We have the highest standards for security, transporting all of your materials via federal-police cleared personnel. And once the process is over, you receive a Certificate of Destruction, so you can enjoy a good night’s rest (rather than an unwanted guest appearance on the nightly news).

Looking to secure your uniforms, e-waste or anything else? Get in touch with the Shred-X team today.