Recycling Paper vs Secure Paper Shredding

Secure Paper Destruction Services differ from a non-secure paper recycling service

A paper recycling service is very different from a secure document destruction service. Paper recycling involves collecting, baling and then shipping baled paper to mills in Australia and overseas. Any sensitive or personal data is not destroyed.

Conversely a secure document destruction service shreds all documents before the baling process. If your documents contain sensitive or personal information, your organisation requires a Document Destruction Service to comply with Australian Privacy Law. Once the destruction process is complete, the shredded paper is baled, graded & recycled into recycled office paper such as Reflex, and washroom paper products


Set up

On completion and setup of your new Secure Document Destruction service, one of our dedicated account representative will organise a day for the secure container/s to be delivered to your premises. Each container is securely locked as part of our Quality Assured Procedure and a nominated representative of your organisation will be supplied with a single Shred-X key. The Shred-X secure container remains on your premises until your next scheduled service date.

Non-secure paper recycling service

Containers provided are not lockable and therefore not secure. They are blue in colour.



When your Shred-X secure container is scheduled to be serviced, it will be completed by one of our security bonded and police checked Shred-X personnel. On the completion of the service, Shred-X’s procedure is to ensure that a representative from your organisation signs and receives a copy of the service docket prior to leaving your premises by security bonded staff & GPS tracked vehicle.

Non-secure paper recycling service

A trained staff member will empty your bin on the cycle agreed to during the site audit.



The Shred-X secure container/s are then transported from your premises in a locked and alarmed secure Shred-X vehicle to our secure destruction facility. Every Shred-X secure vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking system which is monitored in real time to ensure that your sensitive data is tracked and is safe at all times.

Non-secure paper recycling service

Once your paper has been collected it is then transported by our collection vehicle.



To maximise our ability to recycle materials collected from our secure containers, we employ security bonded staff to sort ‘contaminated containers’. We employ the highest level of security and monitor the sorting under the watchful eyes of security cameras.

Non-secure paper recycling service

Once your paper has been collected it is then transported by our collection vehicle.



Once the container/s arrive at our secure shredding facility, the destruction process begins. The contents are destroyed and permanently de-identified using our industrial purpose built shredding machines. Each machine can shred a minimum of 6 tonne per hour and all Shred-X facilities are equipped with several industrial shredders, ensuring all data collected is securely destroyed as quick as possible.

Once this process has taken place, you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your sensitive data has been securely destroyed and permanently de-identified.

Non-secure paper recycling service

Paper collected in blue recycling bins does not get shredded. Any sensitive information placed in a paper recycling container will not be destroyed.



On the completion of the shredding process the shredded residual product is conveyed to an automated baler and baled into 1.2 tonne blocks (Equivalent to 250,000 shredded A4 pages). The bales are graded to international specifications under the Shred-X Quality Assured Program. There are over 50 internationally recognised grades ranging from white ledger to mixed office coloured waste. During the baling process a small fraction (typically 3%) of the fibre is removed as “out-throws”. Out-throws consist of plastic, cellophane and other non-soluble adhesives that contaminate the recycling process.

Non-secure paper recycling service

A bale from the paper recycling process is made up of whole pieces of paper in the same form that it is collected in. Once baled this paper is ready for exportation.



On Completion of the baling process the bales are ready to be recycled. All the graded bales are sent to paper manufactures as substitute to virgin pulp.

Most of Shred-X’s recovered shredded fibre is used to manufacture toilet tissue and other paper washroom products. This process has a very positive effect on the environment, not only saving an enormous amount of energy, reducing landfill and land clearing, but also significantly reduces carbon emissions. Shred-X work with Government certified agencies in providing its customers with comprehensive Environmental Impact Statements on a regular basis detailing the direct importance of the paper fibres recovered from the Shred-X Quality Assured destruction process.

Non-secure paper recycling service

Similarly the recycled paper can be used as a substitute for virgin pulp in order to create a variety of recycled products including bathroom tissue, hand towels, egg cartons, etc.


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