Archive Box Removal

Now that computers dominate business operations, digital storage methods are gradually replacing paperwork. This has given many organisations the opportunity to throw out old documents and update their storage processes.

But digitising your documents doesn’t mean you should just throw the hard copies in the bin. Doing this is risky – especially if the files contain company or personal information.

The Solution: Archive Box Removal

Shred-X’s archive box removal service protects your data while freeing up valuable storage space. Office space is at a premium, so getting rid of surplus materials won’t just make your premises less cluttered – it can also save you money.

Whether you use onsite filing or offsite document storage, we can destroy any archived materials you no longer require. With Shred-X, disposing of your old documents is easy. We have the resources to take care of the entire archive box removal process for you. You won’t have to sort the boxes yourself or worry about packing them up.

Our service includes:

  • Picking up your archive boxes
  • Transporting them in a secure vehicle
  • Securely destroying the archive boxes and any documents they contain
  • Providing a detailed Certificate of Destruction

Worried that your boxes or the materials inside are too big and bulky? We can handle it. Our team can remove archive boxes of all shapes and sizes, and our industrial-grade shredders are able to destroy:

  • Files
  • Dividers
  • Binders
  • Clothing
  • Products
  • Other storage items (e.g. discs, hard drives, tapes and microfilm).

A Secure Service

Shred-X guarantees total confidence in our services. From the moment we pick up your archive boxes, they will be kept extremely secure. The vehicles we use are company owned, alarmed and GPS tracked. All Shred-X personnel are federal police cleared and security-vetted so you can rely on us to keep your data safe. Once your documents have been disposed of, you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate confirms that the archive box removal process is complete and your materials were destroyed to industry standards.

Sometimes archived documents deteriorate or sustain water damage. Don’t worry. Shred-X can still destroy them, no matter what condition they’re in.

For more information on our archive box removal service, get in touch with your local Shred-X team today.

For Larger Quantities of Archive Boxes

If you have larger quantities of archive boxes, be sure to ask about our pallet service.

For more information about our document destruction and recycling services,
don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 747 339 or contact us online.

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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.

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