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With facilities located in Townsville and Cairns, Shred-X is North Queensland’s leading provider of secure destruction services. Our national infrastructure was built on a promise to sustainability and data protection. Whether your shredding requirements are domestic or commercial, we can safeguard your privacy.

Our Services in North QLD

Shred-X’s disposal methods are 100% secure. By upholding a secure chain of custody, we leave nothing to chance. Regardless of what you need to destroy, our team never wavers in their commitment to confidentiality. Even if you need to clean out your entire office, our purpose-built destruction facilities can process materials extremely quickly.

Prioritising your privacy is essential in today’s business environment. Regardless of what industry your work in, data breaches can be extremely harmful. Even individuals should take care when disposing of personal information. Modern technology has made it more difficult to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, but Shred-X can counteract this risk. In addition to providing comprehensive shredding services, we also destroy digitally stored information.

To help you implement an effective data protection policy, Shred-X provides the following secure destruction services:

Are you nervous about parting ways with your private information? If you need proof of our credibility, Shred-X is the first secure destruction company in Australia to attain NAID AAA Certification at all locations throughout Australia. Rest assured, you can rely on us to protect your privacy.

Complying with the Privacy Act

Australia’s privacy laws are some of the strictest in the world. Ensuring that you comply with these laws is essential if you want to avoid litigation or media embarrassment. It is essential that all personal information is effectively destroyed.  If you fail to properly manage sensitive data, you could be forced to pay a substantial fine, and also risk being sued.

To find out more about the secure destruction services Shred-X provides in North QLD, please contact us today. Our customer service representatives are awaiting your call.

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