Identity Theft Risks From Pharmaceutical Packaging

Over the 20 years between 30 June 1993 and 30 June 2013, the proportion of the population aged 65 years and over increased from 11.6% to 14.4%. This is projected to increase more rapidly over the next decade, as further cohorts of baby boomers turn 65 (as there are currently only two years of baby boomers aged 65 years and over).

Australian Demographic Statistics, Jun 2013

sourced November 4, 2014,

This represents a significant opportunity for those specialising in Aged Care and is also a necessary investment in Australia’s health care systems. Furthermore, this represents significant risk for confidential information leaking into the wrong hands. The personal details maintained by Aged Care organisations is far more comprehensive than most industries.

Not only will organisations hold names and addresses of their patients but also financial information, health records and detailed information about spouses and family members. This data must be secure from external and internal threat and for with both physical and digital records.

Furthermore the advent of innovative medication packaging (such as Webster-pak) provide identity thieves significant amounts of information at their fingertips. Full name, martial status, date of birth, medication prescriptions and an identifying photograph are some of the information provided on each dispensed packet.

It is vital that this information is destroyed properly. Shred-X guarantees the proper and secure destruction of all packaging in our industrial-grade shredders.

As with all Shred-X services, Federal-police chleared & security vetted Shred-X personnel will securely collect your container for transportation in company-owned locked, alarmed and GPS tracked vehicles to the closest Shred-X secure destruction facility.

A Certificate of Destruction will be provided upon completion of the destruction which will confirm that your items have been destroyed in the appropriate manner.

* Webstercare, Webster-pak, MedsPro, Unit Dose 7, Portion Pak, Webstersystem, Flexi-pak and Pil-bob are Registered Trade Marks of Manrex Pty Ltd t/as Webstercare


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