A Better Waste Management Plan For Your Business

If you ask some businesses about their Waste Management Plan they’ll probably refer to the local council collections or a contract with a large general waste company.

The more proactive ‘environmentally friendly businesses’ incorporate recycled material as part of their waste management plan but we find many still ignore the importance of secure destruction.

It is important to understand that discarding confidential documents or data with general / recycled waste puts your own business, your personal information and your customer’s information at risk of identity theft, data breaches and also makes you liable for large fines or prosecution for not abiding by your legal obligations concerning personal information.

It is important that you securely destroy your confidential data. We urge you to review your current activities and develop a better waste management plan for your business. Ensure that you are partnered with a vetted provider for secure destruction. Contact Shred-X today for more information.


Measure your business waste

Identify where your confidential information is being disposed of. Are staff discarding sensitive material in general waste bins?


Audit the effectiveness of in-house paper shredding

Identify the real cost of running an in-house shredder. Could your staff time be better spent elsewhere?


Understand waste and recycling collection contracts

Are general waste providers the best to handle your secure destruction needs? Do they have the necessary accreditations, experience & infrastucture to handle your confidential information? What is the chain of custody?


Contact Shred-X to audit your premises

We can provide advice on the latest Privacy Law Reforms and perform obligation-free audits.


Implement material collection systems at business premises

Install clearly identifiable containers for each waste stream:

  • general waste
  • non-sensitive recycled paper
  • cardboard, and
  • sensitive and confidential information

At Shred-X we know how important the protection and handling of your confidential data is to you and your customers. In fact, providing secure destruction is our core business.

We offer a service in which all your confidential material is collected in secure lockable containers. These secure containers are then transported by our Federal police cleared and security vetted personnel in company owned alarmed vehicles to our purpose-built secure destruction facilities.

These destruction facilities utilise SCEC approved industrial shredders under 24-hour CCTV surveillance, providing secure destruction with the highest levels of security and confidentiality in accordance with NAID AAA requirements.

Shred-X recycle 98.5% of all shredded paper collected. Once the shredding process is complete, the shredded paper is baled and quality checked as a virgin pulp substitute. The bales are graded according to the quality of paper required and are warehoused awaiting transport to local tissue and paper recyclers.  For the provision of e-Destruction and e-Waste recycling services, Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications. Shred-X partner with recycling companies who are e-Stewards and are certified sustainable electronic recyclers.


With extensive experience and knowledge in our field and with secure destruction as our core business, Shred-X maintains unrelenting focus providing customers with unsurpassed levels of customer service, privacy compliance, security and end of life recycling.



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