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Most homes and businesses are packed to the rafters with old CDs and DVDs, which means a lot find their way into landfill. However, this practice doesn’t just pose a risk to the environment; it threatens your private information as well.

The safest solution to these issues is a CD recycling service. Around 98% of the average CD or DVD can be recycled. And when you compare CD recycling with the alternatives, it’s not only the most sensible option, but also the safest.

The Risks of Disposing of CDs in Landfill

Environmental Damage

e-Waste Can Damage the Environment

Like most forms of e-waste, CDs aren’t biodegradable and contain more toxic metals and materials than you’d care to think. Those elements tend to pollute their local environment, posing a threat to local wildlife, plants and ecosystems.

Find out more about Shred-X’s general e-waste recycling services.

Exposed Data

Any photos, videos or information stored on old CDs can be recovered if disposed of in landfill. Data recovery techniques continue to advance, and only a quality CD shredding service can ensure your data cannot be recovered.

Can CDs be recycled?

Recycling Discs With a CD Shredding Service

Even though they might be toxic to the environment, the materials gathered in CD shredding are rather valuable to a range of industries and production methods. The polycarbonate and aluminium in each disc have a wide range of applications, from new discs to almost countless new gadgets and products.
CD and DVD recycling are almost the exact same procedure. Both contain a lot of the same core materials and are valuable to a lot of production processes.

Why choose Shred-X for your CD reycling?

We’re passionate about two things: ensuring your data is destroyed beyond any means of recovery and recycling whatever materials can be repurposed.

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) sets the industry’s benchmark for information destruction and has awarded Shred-X its highest rating – AAA. From our onsite processes to the GPS-monitored transport vehicles used to bring materials back to our destruction facilities, every step in Shred-X’s process has been optimised to keep your information safe.

We don’t just stop at CD shredding and destruction. We can destroy old archives, documents, hard drives, and a wide range of digital media products.

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How do I get started?

To get your CD and DVD shredding underway, simply chat to your local Shred-X team. We can arrange a pickup of the products you’d like destroyed or even arrange a destruction vehicle to come to you and handle destruction onsite.

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