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If you haven’t already done so, July is a great time to start looking through your company’s accumulated data and determine whether or not it’s still necessary to retain. As a general rule of thumb, records relating to your employees, your company’s finances or fringe benefits and capital gains must be kept for a minimum 7 years. So what do you do once it becomes redundant? Depending on the nature of the information you have stored, there may be legal obligations relating to the way you dispose of documents and digital files – private or sensitive data must be destroyed in a secure and irretrievable manner at the end of it’s retention period to ensure privacy is safeguarded. More than this, ensuring the protection of business, customer and employee information can preserve your business reputation by avoiding data breaches, information leaks and theft. Regardless of sensitivity, finding yourself faced with a bunch of redundant data can be a massive headache, especially coming into the new financial year. This is where Shred-X step in.

Shred-X offer a range of comprehensive services that take the stress and hard work out of de-cluttering the office whilst maintaining the privacy of your records. What’s more, we also provide a detailed Certification of Destruction to provide for auditing purposes, so you never have to worry about a thing!

Document Destruction

Shred-x don’t just shred documents, we guarantee their complete destruction. It’s the core of who we are and what we do. By requiring all staff to undergo Federal-police clearance and by following a complete chain of custody, Shred-X can assure that your information remains private right until the end of it’s lifecycle. Outsourcing to Shred-X means never stressing about your data getting into the wrong hands.

Archive boxes

When was the last time you audited your archives? As document digitisation progressively nullifies hardcopy archives, mounds of paperwork and documents are becoming unnecessary to keep. But it could also mean a lot more hard drives, floppy disks and magnetic backup tapes laying around with sensitive information. This can mean great news for your storage rooms but can evoke many headaches when figuring out what to do with it.

Shred-X offer peace of mind with secure archive box removal, encompassing everything from pick up to secure transportation and destruction and degaussing of devices.

E-Waste and Digital Storage

E-waste recycling with Shred-X is a great way to repurpose your unwanted equipment in a manner that is environmentally friendly and retains the privacy and security of the data it contains. Staying on top of technology will inevitably result in redundant equipment and e-waste, so let us help you manage it in a convenient, environmentally sustainable way. The benefits of cloud storage not only means increased usability, bandwidth, recovery options, accessibility and cost saving advantages, but it also puts the business at risk of data leaks, simply if the storage device falls into the wrong hands by disposal, recycling or reformatting.

Kick-start the financial year by cleaning up and making space for exciting new ideas! Whatever your needs, Shred-X will customise a service to your specific requirements and will ensure you receive the most secure document shredding and destruction service.