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After the discovery and seizure of more than 1.2 Million counterfeit DVDs in Sydney in 2013, the NSW Police and Australian Film and Television industry have turned to Shred-X and their NAID certified destruction services to destroy the seized DVDs.

Australian Actor Roy Billing, who is well known for his portrayal of NSW crime figure Robert Trimbole in the 2009 Underbelly TV series, was on hand at Shred-X’s Sydney facility to assist with the secure destruction.

“These things cost a lot of money to make, these television productions, and the creators need to get their money back and to make a profit so they can go on making more,” Billing said.

Billing also said that he was surprised by the quality of the pirated DVDs, which contained several Australian television series’ and movies including the Underbelly true-crime drama, Red Dog, The Sapphires and Winners and Losers at an estimated street value of approximately $21 million if sold.

Greg Fraser, Assistant Managing Director of Australian Screen Association, said that the counterfeit DVDs were sold to consumers on eBay and sellers were taking advantage of their goodwill by portraying counterfeit DVDs as legitimate products.  

He continued to say that content industries and ancillary businesses across Australia have been detrimentally affected by the sale and manufacture of these DVDs and the creative industry will take some time to recover.

Shred-X Secure Destruction’s General Manager Van Karas said, “We are pleased to support the Film and Television industries by being able to protect intellectual property and protect consumers and Australian businesses from the sale of illegal products.”

Shred-X’s nationally recognised NAID AAA certification verifies their qualifications of certified information destruction through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program. It’s this diligence and meticulous approach to data and document destruction that sees both businesses and individuals rely on Shred-X’s services all around the country.

Secure and certified destruction of e-waste such as the seized pirated DVDs ensures that no data can ever be recovered from them again. It also ensures that the subsequent partials are recycled ethically and sustainably.

The destruction of CDs and DVDs is one of the many secure destruction services Shred-X provides. The national company with more than eight NAID AAA certified sites in all Australian capital cities provides solutions for private households through to large corporations and the highest security government departments offering services that protect them from fraud, identity theft and ensure that any sensitive data is destroyed without the possibility of recovery.

As the world advances through the use of technology, it’s becoming ever more important for businesses and consumers to protect themselves by taking measures to securely destroy e-waste such as old computers, hard drives, mobile phones and various other digital media.