Paper Recycling Services

Recycling services are not designed to provide security, nor do they comply with regulations regarding the destruction of your documents. If recycling is part of your environmental program, then Shred-X is the perfect provider for your document destruction needs.

We recycle 98.5% of all paper product that is destroyed into other paper products. We can also provide you with an environmental impact statement, indicating your positive impact on the environment through using Shred-X.

australian-paper-recyclingWe do however offer Australian Paper Recycling… a complete nationwide paper recycling service that can be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. We seek to provide value for money and improved environmental benefits for each and every customer. We endeavour to make recycling easy in order to help you to maximise your environmental sustainability. The goal of Australian Paper Recycling is to supply innovative and environmentally friendly services to businesses and corporations in order for them to better manage their recyclable waste.

Our customer base has expanded considerably to include many large printers, government organisations, large institutions and smaller owner operator businesses. We often supply a secure 240L container & a 240L paper recycling container side-by-side to minimise costs.

But remember personal information can be as simple as hard copies of emails, orders and accounts; or written notes from client contacts, meetings and phone calls.

shred-x-advantageShred-X Document Destruction and Australian Paper Recycling believe that a commitment to the health of the planet is the responsibility of each and every person and business.

Paper Recycling is Different to Secure Document Destruction

A paper recycling service is very different from a secure document destruction service.

Paper recycling involves collecting, baling and then shipping baled paper to mills in Australia and overseas. Any sensitive or personal data is not destroyed.

Conversely a secure document destruction service shreds all documents before the baling process. If your documents contain sensitive or personal information, your organisation requires a Document Destruction Service to comply with Australian Privacy Law.


Let us keep you up to date with data security and privacy issues that affect your organisation.

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