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Data protection can be one of the most valuable safe-guards your business can undertake. But sadly, it can come at the expense of time – possibly the most stretched resource any business has. That’s why Shred-X can deliver the best of both words, with onsite shredding services.

No matter what data you need destroyed, in what location or what format, our team can securely remove it to the highest of standards.

Onsite Destruction & Shredding Services


Keep your Business Secure

Stop Identity Theft


Save Time & Money

Shred-X’s onsite destruction vehicles are equipped with fully certified destruction capabilities, allowing you to responsibly destroy and recycle.

Our onsite destruction vehicles bring the power to you, with fully certified destruction capabilities arriving wherever you need it. You can responsibly destroy and recycle documents, products, hard drives and data storage units, e-waste, and plenty more.

Shred-X Onsite Destruction Services include:

No matter what data you need destroyed, in what location or what format, our team can securely remove it to the highest of standards.


In the modern age, most sensitive data your business stores will be stored digitally. From USB drives to computer hard drives, it wouldn’t take much for someone to pull valuable information about you and your clients from discarded digital devices.

Due to increasing demand for the provision of onsite data destruction, in conjunction with new privacy legislation including notifiable data breaches and GDPR, Shred-X partnered with a global-leading vehicle manufacturer to design & build Shred-X onsite data destruction vehicles.

To avoid the risk, we’ll bring a fully-functioning hard drive destruction service straight to your location. In nearly the blink of an eye, we can destroy hard drives, solid state drives, portable media devices and e-waste containing data, ensuring your information is non-recoverable.  Shred-X provide a complete onsite destruction solution including serial number capture of each individual asset which is provided on Certificates of Destruction.

Shred-X ensure the destroyed assets are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications. Shred-X partner with recycling companies who are certified sustainable electronic recyclers. Together, Shred-X’s e-waste recycling services can keep you, your clients, the environment, and the government happy.


Shred-X are also able to provide onsite degaussing of magnetic media (such as hard drives and tapes). To find out more about Shred-X Degaussing Services, click here.


Destroying documents onsite can be one of the most invasive and frustrating procedures you’ll go through. From the excess noise of the shredder to the time it takes – with jams, delays, and time required to shred everything sensitive.

Our team can take care of all of that hassle. We utilise the latest mobile destruction technology in our vehicle, and in mere moments, destroy your information ensuring a complete chain of custody and privacy act compliance.

For added security, onsite witness destruction is available through the live CCTV surveillance and also available for remote viewing through a secure network. Upon completion of the destruction process, you’ll be presented with a Certificate of Destruction.


Over time, there’s no doubt you’ll have amassed a collection of archive boxes and files. But as most see them as useless, they are also bound to contain sensitive information about your business, and your clients’.

Our team can help clear through the archives, destroying what needs to be removed. Together, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your information is safe – and all that extra room!


So often, businesses are forced to regret not destroying branded products until after an incident has occured. Any branded uniforms, clothing, apparel, and any other products are a representation of that brand. And if the person in possession of them does something to publicly disgrace the brand, the cost to the brand’s reputation can be immense.

To avoid losing any major clients or partners, be sure to securely destroy all products, either branded or recognisable, before they can cost your business.

Shred-X can guarantee the destruction of whatever products your business needs removed. Simply speak to a member of our team, and let us know what you need destroyed.

Speak with our team today to find out more about our onsite shredding services.

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