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The office is a busy space, usually as cluttered as the multitude of ideas and to-dos that are bouncing around in your head, but mess simply isn’t efficient. It’s called an organisation for a reason, & let’s not forget electronic storage such as the cloud means these days less and less physical data needs to be retained….let it go…let it go…

Organising Your Office Cleanout

Just like a chef with a cluttered prep bench, or a teacher with a covered white-board you need space to work, So if you’re not finding papers that you “just had,” finding papers where you shouldn’t, or finding old financial or legal documents that contains sensitive information, then it’s time to reassess your office organisation. We’re here to help with some tips on transforming your workspace.

Time Allocation

Firstly, remember all the times you thought, “I’ll sort that later.” Well, it’s later. Dedicate uninterrupted time to the office clean out because cleaning intermittently is bound to make you less thorough and less inspired. Depending on the size of your office chaos and the number of staff on the clean-up project, this may take anywhere from a day to a week. This little bit of time is a necessary sacrifice in order to save time in the future. Having paperwork, physical or digital labelled, dated, and filed may seem a little tedious but it’s timesaving in the long run and is especially convenient around tax-time.

Secure Destruction

If you’re hesitating over the rubbish bin about sensitive documents, rather than using a shredder or match to dispose of your records, allow the Shred-X magicians to make it disappear. Whether it is too private for the recycle bin like: confidential client information, banking documents, tax information, or the archive box or too complicated to simply dispose of such as: e-waste, Shred-X can keep your business… yours. There are significant penalties for businesses not destroying sensitive information just take a look here.


E-Waste is the technical term for outdated technology. It can contain private information and files can still resurface after the delete button, so secure e-waste disposal is important. For simply outdated electronics like: laptops, copiers, phones, cables or even media storage devices, Shred-X can minimise landfill with safe, E-Waste recycling. They can also help with the disposal of clothing and product destruction. Shred-X confidentially, legally, and effectively destroy any unwanted professional materials.

What makes an office organised

Label machines aren’t just for primary-school parents. Label files, folders, and the boxes that they are contained in. You can label by date and/or client, whatever is appropriate to your business. The easier you make it, the faster you’ll locate it when you need it. Also set up a simple workflow system to prevent the kind of build-up that prompted this clean originally. The most basic arrangement is an inbox and outbox, where the latter doubles as a ‘to file’ box.

Archive boxes

Depending on the age of your workspace and the lapse between cleans; some of the older archive file boxes may have gathered dust. While you’re categorising the office, it’s worth giving the place a taste of spring-cleaning regardless of the season. A hygienic environment is more comfortable and therefore, less avoided.

Once you’ve determined what to discard, what to keep and where, and how you coped before, remember not to neglect the office’s organisation in future. When it’s as simple as sending your unwanted office items, physical or digital, to the Shred-X Xperts, there is no reason to let mess interfere with your business.


To kick-start your clean, ask the team at Shred-X Secure Destruction and turn office archives & e-waste into EggX this Easter and Save.* For more information, contact Shred-X on 1300 747 331.

For nearly 15 years Shred-X has been the leader in secure destruction services. We assist organisations in complying with the Privacy Act 1988 and its Amendments providing customised services to thousands of government agencies, business and households across Australia.

In addition to destroying documents, Shred-X also provide a full suite of e-waste destruction and recycling services.