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Many Australian businesses are loving the benefits of a clean desk policy – and for good reason. It’s not just good for their employee’s health, morale and productivity; it’s also a great way to prevent confidential data leaks or breaches.

We’ll run through some common clean desk policy FAQs with a checklist to illustrate how Shred-X can assist your business in maintaining information security.

What is a clean desk policy and why is it important?

A clean desk policy is simply a set of guides, rules and procedures established by a business to ensure desks and employee workspaces are kept tidy, functional and free from easy access to confidential information. Some businesses emphasise the health benefits of desks being dirt and dust-free, while others prefer the aesthetics of a minimalist look. Whatever the reason, a business that adopts a clean desk policy, stands to improve:

  • Data safety – depending on the department, papers on employee’s desks can contain sensitive information regarding clients, suppliers, strategy documents, financial data, personal information and more. If this information is scattered around, misplaced or visible to visitors, your business’s confidential data is at risk of exposure to competitors or the general public.
  • Morale – Provided there’s some decoration to appeal to the eye of your team, clean and tidy workspaces are more pleasant to work in, and conducive to an optimistic office vibe.
  • Employee Health – By reducing dust and dirt, there are associated health benefits for employees who will find themselves less frequently reaching for the antihistamines!
  • Productivity – When everything necessary is in reach and accessible, and there are less distractions, productivity is proven to increase.

Why is a clean desk policy important

Implementing a Clean Desk Policy

Implementing a clean desk policy begins with educating all employees regarding the importance of the data safety requirements of all businesses, as well as the associated benefits of such policies.
To assist you in kicking off your own business policies, we have put together a simple checklist as a starting point.

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Clean Desk Office Checklist

For documents and filing:

  • Every department should have their own private filing system for storing active/ current documents, where all documents are kept off desks and filed throughout the day.
  • Access to a Shred-X secure destruction container for all employees to dispose of documents no longer required or in use, is an essential part in maintaining information security.
  • When a document or file is no longer needed, employees should either return it to filing or securely dispose of it in the Shred-X secure container.
  • Drawers and filing cabinets containing work property and information should be locked when not in use and at the end of every day.

Clean Desk Office Checklist

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For technology and IT Assets:

  • Whenever desktops, laptops and work-issued mobile phones aren’t in use, they should be locked behind a secure password.
  • At the end of the day, all equipment is put away, employees log out of all platforms and technology used and shut each piece down.

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Start Protecting Your Business

Shred-X are here to protect your sensitive information and confidential data by providing your office with a safe, secure and trusted disposal method – ensuring your clean desk policy is adhered to. Shred-X containers are locked and tamper-proof for assets that contain secure information, including hard drives, computers and documents, which can be destroyed either onsite or at our facility.

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