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Shred-X offers secure destruction services throughout Tasmania in metropolitan and regional areas. We can assist you with your secure destruction requirements, whether you have archive boxes, e-waste, documents, products, and plenty more.

Our bases in Hobart and Launceston services everywhere in Tasmania.  With our range of services, we can provide your business with the highest levels of security and customer service.

Our Services in Tasmania

e-Waste Recycling & Destruction Tasmania

The changes in laws (both in Australia and with the GDPR) pose a serious threat to businesses who use or store consumer data. Accidental leaks can incur millions of dollars in fines – potentially enough to bankrupt most Australian businesses.

Similarly, Australia is starting to tighten its laws on how e-waste is disposed of. There are both environmental and industrial impacts from disposing of e-waste in landfill – all of which can be avoided with a responsible e-waste secure destruction and recycling service.

Shred-X will ensure your business is disposing of all e-waste in a responsible manner while making sure your data is securely destroyed.

The Shred-X e-waste service includes:

Document Destruction Tasmania

Old documents don’t just take up precious space around the office. They often contain sensitive information about accounts and clients. If you’re looking to remove the risk of sensitive information leaking from the safe walls of your property, or even if you’re looking to dispose of non-sensitive documents in the most responsible and secure way, our document destruction services can help.

Tasmanian Product & Uniform Destruction

Old products and uniforms can cause issues for businesses when left undestroyed. All it takes is an ex-employee who kept a company shirt to commit a public crime or misrepresent your business in their former uniform. That’s why we can ensure any products or uniforms that represent your company are safely and securely destroyed.

Complying with the Privacy Act

Australia’s privacy laws are some of the strictest in the world. And if your business operates online (and would store consumer data of international customers), you’re also governed by their local data protection laws – such as the GDPR.

The easiest way to minimise the risk of data leaking is to securely destroy any items holding information that are beyond their useful life by partnering with a NAID certified provider like Shred-X. For the most effective destruction methods in Tasmania, contact the Shred-X team online or call 1300 747 339.


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Get the latest Data Destruction News straight to your inbox. You'll receive a maximum of 5 emails per month mostly summarising news stories listed on our blog.

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