Frequently Asked Questions About Document Destruction

What is the difference between paper recycling and secure document destruction?

Paper recycling is a Shred-X service offered to those organisations who have non-sensitive office waste paper and are conscientious about the environmentally friendly removal of this product. All clean office waste paper collected is transported to our manufacturing plant for processing and recycling.

Sensitive data for secure document destruction is shredded within 24 hours of its arrival at the Shred-X processing facility under the supervision of security bonded personnel. Shred-X secure shredding facilities have full security including 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

Only after the sensitive data has been shredded does it go through the recycling process.


What type of data is necessary to destroy?

Outdated Business Records Any organisation that holds personal information including but not limited to names and contact details of individuals, information about personal services they have accessed and personal identification information, has a responsibility by law to ensure the protection and secure destruction of such confidential information during its disposal. At Shred-X, we pride ourselves in our capability of destroying any type of sensitive data. You name it we can probably shred it… we’ve accommodated for some bizarre requests but commonly shred the following:


Why is it necessary to securely destroy documents?

Federally mandated Privacy Legislation requires businesses to destroy sensitive data rather than simply discard information. The privacy laws present organisations with an obligation and responsibility to dispose of sensitive data without improper disclosure. Organisations are vulnerable to litigation when personal records are not properly maintained and destroyed. Using Shred-X’s document destruction service guarantees the protection of your sensitive information.


Do I have to prepare my materials for destruction?

No, Shred-X use only industrial-grade shredders capable of destroying entire files, binders, dividers and other storage media including CD’s, DVDs, videos and microfilm. Simply dispose of your confidential material in our secure containers ‘as is’. It’s a stark contrast from the amount of prep. work needed if you use office paper shredders.


What happens to our material on completion of shredding process?

Upon completion of the destruction process, the shredded product is baled, packaged and transported to a processing facility where it is recycled into a number of products.



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