How much do you care about your clients and your reputation? Both organisations and individuals become vulnerable to litigation when personal records are not properly maintained and destroyed. For this reason, it is extremely important that everyone understands their responsibilities in regards to privacy. However, protecting business information is much more than a requirement under the law. In doing so, you are demonstrating credibility and integrity in the way that you conduct business, traits which are invaluable to any profitable organisation. Contrastingly, businesses who are seen to disregard or take little care with private information attract far greater attention and have the potential to irreparably damage their reputation and future business prospects.

Sticking with the theme of Privacy Awareness Week (coming up on 15 -19th May), we have compiled some simple steps to assist your business comply with Australian Privacy Principles when handling personal information:

  • Ensure everyone is aware of the company privacy policies/strategies and understands their role with regards to them
  • Only collect information that is vital to obtain
  • Only access the information when it is necessary to do so
  • Be transparent with customers about how their information will be used (and stick to your word)
  • Promote the protection of personal information and take reasonable action to do so
  • Securely and irretrievably destroy personal information when it is no longer required

In addition to safeguarding your business and client information, following these steps can also see further positive outcomes in relation to corporate social responsibility. In a society where technological evolution is so rife, businesses can find themselves with vast amounts of obsolete digital equipment that ends up in office bins and subsequently, landfill. This may not seem like such a big deal, however the toxins that reside within laptops and other e-waste have the potential to leak into surrounding soil and waterways, causing serious environmental damage. Moreover, 99% of the materials used in computers are recyclable, regardless of whether they are in working condition. In short, secure destruction of information protects your clients, employees and business information whilst caring for the environment and reducing office clutter.

So how can you achieve this in a safe and proper manner? Shred-X offer a range of services that are environmentally responsible and ensure that privacy is maintained throughout the entire process, from pick-up to destruction and reutilization of e-waste. To demonstrate the versatility of our disposal services, below is a list of just some of the electronic items we can recycle:

If you’re interested in protecting your business information and reputation in addition to corporate social responsibility and the environment, contact us today to discuss our range of secure destruction services


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